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Eternal Optimism

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Me? Not much to tell. Born and bred in the southern US, college in New Orleans, once upon a time a sixth grade teacher, twice upon a time a reporter, now wife and mother of two and a professional program manager.

I write.

I am fanatical.

Eternal optimist.

Update August 2008: I'm still not posting to this journal much, but I am here and catching up, slowly, on what I've missed. I'm deep in the throes of reading all the good QAF fic I can get my hands on, and helping to get Writercon 2009 off the ground. If you've got an interest in helping out with Writercon, or have questions, send me an email through LJ, and I'll get back to you!!

Update August 2009: Well, Writercon 2009 has come and gone, we pulled it off, and I think I've gorged on pretty much all the QaF fic I can find. Fandom there seems pretty small/tight/quiet, so never actively engaged. Appears that i've been pimped into the AI8/kradam fandom, however, and just might be excited enough to start posting again (at least in some corners of that fandom)

Update October 2010: Life is still far too full to participate fully here. But I'm still reading! Recently have fallen for airps and obsessed with Criminal Minds...

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