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VM post

I have only one word for tonight:

OMG eleventy!!eleven?!#!: LAMB!!!

::listens to the fic explode around the globe::

(oh yeah, and I saw the promo. ::faints dead away::)

I love my new show with the heat of a thousand fiery suns. My brain is on nano, and I can't think coherently or write coherently, but I am sure others will do so with flair, because this season has got as much meat as last season, but is even more complex and flavorful. This is soo not a show for teenagers.

Random seasonal prediction based on thematics: Lianne Mars will be back, quite possibly very near the end, and pivotal.

Questions the previouslies (not the ep itself) induced:

Why would the mayor want Veronica to go down? What's she got on him that she doesn't know she's got? Is he in league with Casablancas?


Nov. 17th, 2005 04:10 am (UTC)
Lamb! Lamb Lamb Lamb!!!

I admit it. While the actor is totally my woobie, I didn't like Lamb. What, I wasn't supposed to! But this? Oh, mamma. Mamma mia, even. That was character development, of the kind we've been getting drips and drabs of turned into a fucking waterfall of ice.

And while I thought the MOTW was kind of weak ... the ending, seeing Meg's little sister in the closet and everything afterward, made it worth it.

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