Chris (chrisjournal) wrote,

Research time

I have promised myself not to waste toooo much time on this, but I'm in search of vocabulary.

It frustrates me to no end that there's no solid vocabulary in the general knowledge pool for female power structures.

ETA: Check this out: at, I plugged in priestess, and here's what it told me:

"No entry found for priestess.
Did you mean priest?"

No, dammit, I didn't.

And I need that vocabulary. In thinking about other fiction that uses matriarchal or egalitarian power structure, authors seem to go with the standard Sisterhood or else to make up their own vocabulary. For a variety of reasons, I'd rather *not* make up my own vocabulary, but instead find the right words for it in our history, or at the very least, create words from association with related entities in our history/myth structure.

Googling isn't getting me very far (well, at least not productively -- I've found gobs and gobs of fascinating stuff, esp. including this: I am considering "matrix" as a base term...).

Influences in the world structure I'm building include Voudun, Egyptian, and Atlantis myths. The timeframe is distant future post-apocalyptic earth. Louisiana, to be very exact for this story, though there are similar population nodes elsewhere.

If I can't find the right vocabulary out there somewhere, I will likely turn to mathematics/geometry for names and titles of things. But I'm wide open for vocabulary suggestions, and very interested in any linkage to articles on ancient (or modern, really) feminine power structures.

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