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Just briefly for now

Best ep of the season. I've been wavering in the world of Veronica's denial, til tonight. It's all coming into focus now. I was fully engaged from the very beginning, the MOTW was full of reflections and tie-ins, all of the relationships and most of the mysteries were in play, and I got a *really* creepy feeling about things with Wallace. That's not going to turn out well, there. RT would never be so evil as to have V. lose two best friends, would he? Is it going to take something that radical to shake her out of fairytale land? ::shudders::

More. I need more! NOW. please?

Things I thought about and shall think about some more:

--Yay, Backup!
--That Logan mirrors Veronica thing is pretty heavy duty, isn't it? At least he's honest with himself when he does something wrong.
--Poor Duncan. She is *so* using him, and he's either oblivious, or he's letting her. That's going to get ugly before it's all said and done.
--::spits:: Jackie. But I seriously felt sympathy. She's the female Logan now, isn't she? If RT can pull that off, it'll be quite the coup for female characters everywhere.
--Oh how I love Veronica. She's so flawed, and real, and trying so hard and just failing left and right. No Mary Sue, that one, despite how hard she's trying.
--Would someone do a hairstyle play-by-play of this ep? There's some serious info there, I think. Or maybe I'm heading into tin hat territory with that. But it really struck me tonight.
--Poor Keith. He's been on a high for far too long. That bonding scene with he and V tonight was just phenomenal. Second favorite, right next to the one where he reveals that he is definitely her father. He's bound to lose the election, so he can stay the underdog, but I do hate seeing him hurt.

Things I need more of, pronto:

--Alicia's side of the story
--Casablancas. Any/all of them.
--Lamb. Maybe even a little more Leo?
--Jackie. I need to know more about this chick, I really do.


Oct. 28th, 2005 01:28 am (UTC)
No! You think RT would kill Wallace? *gasp* No way. Now you're scaring me....
Oct. 28th, 2005 01:40 am (UTC)
Oh I so hope I'm just being a negative, scared Nelly. But it feels *really* dark to me right now. And the whole bus thing still...hasn't hit V where she lives. I hate to say it, but that's one difference between last year and this year so far: there hasn't been anything that tears her apart. I'm sure I'm just wanking and scared for no good reason, though. Really. I think it may be way more likely that he'll use Meg somehow to tear her apart, you know? I just can't think he'd kill off a second best friend. That would be too, too cruel.

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