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Getting things where they are needed...

by JS2012, 9/5/05 20:15 ET

Please put the word out that fuel is needed for approx. 150 18-wheelers ready to deliver supplies to the stricken areas in need. We are not asking for cash or checks or other donations, we just need gas cards for the drivers to use. You can buy them at most gas stations and at WalMart. Also, soon T-chek and other fuel card accounts may be created to make it easier to donate over the internet.

This relief is not going to the shelters and places that the Red Cross and FEMA are already handling. These supplies will go to churches, private shelters, and supply tents in areas that people still inhabit, but are living in shambles and the Red Cross isn't there. I may be gone shortly to join a search/rescue team and may not be able to check this forum or email.

I am relaying this infor for Ronnie Flores who is heading up this campaign. He really needs the help and if you have questions or ideas of ways to help out, you can reach him at 318-752-8562 or 225-247-6843. Fuel cards can be sent to 2826 Misty Lane, Suite 91, Bossier City, LA 71111. - attn. Citizens Disaster Relief. Thanks and pass the word on. He has trucks and supplies ready to go.

This is a repost of some definitive information from my friend who drove through last night.... 9/04/05.
On Sunday night, 6:00 pm.

I have a friend who works on a merchant marine ship that is docked up past Audobon Park on the Missisippi river. He and some shipmates took a couple cars and rifles and drove into the uptown area.

They drove down Magazine street to Napolean, and up to Prytania, to the 4100 block of Prytania to check on my house. No flooding along the way, some trees and power lines down. He said everything was quiet, a few locals wandering around. I only had one window broken in my building from wind damage, no flooding, and all seemed quiet.

I was disappointed that he said there was not too much of a national gaurd / military presence, but it has been increasing, and there is a staging area at Audobon park and they are now going on 24 hr patrols on the non-flooded parts of uptown.

He is going to make another trip in today or tomorrow around 6:00 pm. They are bringing food and water to people they met along the way. There was one tourist couple, foreigners, who could not speak english who are just kind of lost, maybe staying somewhere around there. He gave them all the food and water i had in my apartment, and is going to try and contact the national guard to help them. They met some other people along the way, and they are going back in tonight to bring more food and water to people they ran into.

They are doing this as private citizens, hoorah for the merchant marines...

by ramonaRN, 9/5/05 19:27 ET
I know everyone is hurting over the devastation. But my husband is a FEMA worker in Gulfport trying hard to do an impossible job. He is struggling alongside the vicitms, but some areas they cannot even get to yet. There are more than 2,000 workers FEMA workers out there. All sleeping in cars, going wihtout showers, food, water for days. They do this willingly and feel it is no sacrifice at all to try and help. They have a hard job to do, they are passionate about helping and sacrificing all they can. Please stop beating up on them. I miss my husband and fear for his safety daily. He will be there months on end and his children miss him terribly as they are young. He devastated at the pain he is seeing, hungry, tired and determined. He went voluntarily like most FEMA workers do and he is happy to be there to do what he can. They all are. They are doing the best they can. Please just be a part of the solution and pray for everyone sacrificing themselves there to help these families. It hurts everyone to heap on criticism. They feel the pain there and are working as hard as they can. I know, I listen to the pain in his voice every night.

I will update this post as I encounter things -- I want to remember these things, show them to my children, and take them with me when I retire to New Orleans some day.


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Sep. 6th, 2005 01:37 am (UTC)
I'm sorry that woman thinks we're beating up on the FEMA workers. No way. I remember my mom talking about the FEMA folks who came to cover the hole in her roof after her house was damaged in a hurricane last year, how they helped her and explained apologetically that they had to prioritize their work and this was all they could do for a small leak in a liveable house at the time.

Our scorn is for the bureaucrats. The workers are heroes--all the more so because it's hard to soldier on when you don't have people at the top who aren't competent.
Sep. 6th, 2005 02:17 am (UTC)
Our scorn is for the bureaucrats. The workers are heroes--all the more so because it's hard to soldier on when you don't have people at the top who aren't competent.

Absolutely, it is. And scorn probably understates the case by several orders of magnitude for me. BUT, her message serves as a reminder to be *careful* with our words, and with our timing.

I'm always on about this at work: don't fight a battle when winning it will cost you more than retreating. You retreat, and nurse your wounds and plan strategy until a time when you can take the field and win the entire war.

Our people, both those hit by Katrina and those working on the frontlines to rescue the situation, people, animals, and spirit of our towns and cities, are wounded. Right now our priority needs to be getting it done *however we must*.

The time for the lynching will come, I have NO doubt. But until our wounded are well on the way to recovery, we need to hold off getting into another battle. Our media, and to a certain extent, we of the tribe John Q. Public, have to remember that our words can have unintended consequences.

How much more disheartening must it be to hear over and over again that what you are doing is doomed to failure because your leadership is incompetent (or worse, evil)? We *have* to support these people, whatever that means. And if it means swallowing my rage for a bit and focusing on what I *can* achieve, then so be it.
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