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Send help directly -- from local shelters in LA and MS

Please be sure to verify credentials of these orgs. The ones I've seen are legitimate, and posting their exact needs. For those uncomfortable with indirect support via large orgs like Red Cross and Salvation Army, these might provide a more direct method of helping:

by desperated, 9/4/05 11:31 ET [note from Chris: unverified -- if this was true on Sat, they are surely out of supplies by now. Contact as below to see what they need]
A new Shelter for Hurricane Katrina Evacuees has opened (Sat. 9/3/5) in Southaven,MS (about 15 miles south of Memphis, TN.) The shelter can take approximately 500 eacuees. It is located @ 385 State Line Road. The city of Southaven has turned this old Wal-mart into a 90-thousand square- foot Shelter with approximately 32 showers in 48 hours. Numbers to call are 662-393-5931 (Southaven City Hall) or 662-393-7466 (Southaven Fire Dept Admin.) This shelter is open and fully stocked with volunteers and supplies. PLEASE COME!!!!

by Trysha1981, 9/4/05 1:53 ET
Gas Cards!Please they really need these!!!!We are also looking for a house for a family of 6 in the TN area or AL (Ttown and Bham Area).Please email me [Note from Chris: this is an individual in TN who is coordinating goods *only* -- she will not accept cash donations. I've verified that she is, in fact, performing actual services for those displaced by the hurricaine, but check her out before you give]

1340. Still taking donations
by Trysha1981, 9/2/05 18:24 ET
Looking for any items esp school supplies (our school is getting 6 kids Tuesday). Email if interested in [Note from Chris: this is an individual in TN who is coordinating goods *only* -- she will not accept cash donations. I've verified that she is, in fact, performing actual services for those displaced by the hurricaine, but check her out before you give]

by ksperk, 9/5/05 11:39 ET
hello my name is kimberley perkins, I live in leesville,la(ft polk) where thousands of evacuees are sheltered. To anyone out there if you have clothes or anything you would like to donate please contact me I am trying to help the local churches that have been set up as shelters and donate items to our local red cross chapter. Anything will help our Louisiana residents. I have got the privilage of meeting many of our evacuees and thjey are the kindest and most grateful people that i could come to know. Thanks to all who respond...God Bless you [note from Chris: I have not vetted this one]

by COAngel, 9/5/05 5:59 ET
[note from Chris: this agency is legitimate and has been there since last week trying to organize and assist.]
Do you have temporary housing to offer Katrina victims and families? Perhaps an extra bedroom, den or basement for a few months? Housing needed in all 50 states. If so, please post it here:
Don't have any housing to offer, but want to help? There are several things you can do. Forward this to EVERYONE on your email list. Forward/fax this to all of your local radio and tv stations and ask them to please post this information on their website and/or air a story on it.

• We urgently need volunteers to print up flyers containing housing information and mail, fax, hand distribute and or/post it in places wherever the evacuees have been taken to. To obtain a housing flyer, simply with Subject Line: KATRINA HOUSING FLYER. Please list the city you will be working on in the body of your email. You will receive an emailed WORD Document within 12 hours. We recommend making copies on brightly colored paper if you have it so that it the flyers will stand out. You can also contact local host families in your area and provide them with additional clothing, food and supplies for their Katrina family.

Other things you can do if you live close to an evacuee center, church or shelter:

• Help with efforts in matching the volunteer host families with the Katrina families• Offer internet access to or make phone calls for Katrina families• Offer to enter Katrina family info onto the websites so that they can secure housing and give them your phone number as a contact• Contact your local bus company and request and help coordinate free bus tickets for these families to these locations

You can now view the housing list by State online at or easily search these posts at by CITY OR STATE just by entering the name in the keyword field at the top. For example, if you are looking for a home in TEXAS, type in TEXAS and click Go. Also try typing in the state's abbreviation TX. If you'd like an emailed housing list, email your request . Remember, new offers for housing are being added continually.





16228. How to help the New Orleans Zoo and Aquarium after hurricane
by jerry99, 9/5/05 12:02 ET
How to help the New Orleans Zoo and Aquarium after hurricane
Despite escaping Hurricane Katrina relatively unscathed, the zoo and aquarium facilities in New Orleans could use donations to help with the feeding and care of their animals.

The American Zoo and Aquarium Association (AZA) has set up a online donation site at the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago. raised will be distributed by the Executive Committee of the AZA Board of Directors.

Facilities update

The Audubon Nature Institute, which administers the Audubon Zoo, the Aquarium of the Americas, the Audubon Center for Research of Endangered Species, reports that animal facilities held up well during the hurricane. Loss of animal life was limited to a pair of river otters at the zoo and a whooping crane at the Audubon Center for Research of Endangered Species (ACRES). A crocodile is still unaccounted for at the zoo.

Duing the storm, staff took refuge in the reptile house at the zoo, which suffered little physical damage besides a number of fallen trees. Dan Maloney, general curator at the Audubon Zoo, reports that the zoo's staff is doing well and the biggest current concern is the psychological impact of the low flying helicopters on zoo animals.

The zoo reportedly has enough food for animals and sufficient fuel to keep generators running. The facility was quite well prepared for the hurricane.

Meanwhile the aquarium staff is said to have been evacuated from the facility due to mounting violence in the area. As of Sunday morning it was still unclear as to whether the staff had returned. Increased police and military presence in the city could mean that the aquarium staff should be able to get back in the building soon.

Jane Ballentine, a spokeswoman for the American Zoo and Aquarium Association, said "It's very difficult to get information still about what is happening [at the aquarium]. We're trying to establish a safe route to bring in more supplies. Once there is a route open to us, we'll be able to mobilize and get them what they need."

Was also pleased to see that the Dutch are coming to New Orleans *finally*. If anyone can get those waterways set, the Dutch are *it*:

2048. The Dutch are coming to help
by 1mamavan2, 9/5/05 10:10 ET
As a Dutchy whom celebrated her honeymoon in New Orleans I am devestated by the news on New Orleans and surrounding counties.
My government has sent several ships to the New Orleans area with food, water, medical supplies etc... Also trained medical staff. If asked for the Dutch Identification Team which started the identification work after the Tsunami will come over to help with the tremendous task ahead.

Also some of our best builders of the dykes along the canals and coast of my homecountry are trying to work out a safetyplan...

Blessings to all!Cath

Sherry F. Mix - helps people find nursing home residentssmix@mmvi.comphone: 225-252-3027

Louisiana Nursing Home Association #225-927-5642

Texas Memorial Hospital 713-704-4000

Clearlake hospital Texas # 281-332-2511

# VA Hospital command center # 713-794-7109

1-866-get-info (redcross)

Texas #

LSU Shelter info # 225-578-8654

LSU# 225-219-0826

LSU# Forums


Texas contacts: # 713-526-8300 # 713-313-1612

Astro Dome# 630-566-6100

Centerplex Louisiana # 866-438-4636

Shreveport shelter: 800-861-5776

St Charles shelter: 866-280-2711

Texas hospitals:

Methodist Hospital(713) 790-3311 tx

St Luke's Episcopal Hospital tx(713) 785-853

Memorial Hermann Hospital tx(713) 704-4000

Louisiana Shelter Information:Red Cross- 1(866)-GET-INFO (438-4636)Special-Needs Shelter InformationTriage Phone Numbers:Alexandria: 800-841-5778 Shreveport: 800-841-5776Baton Rouge: 800-349-1372 Monroe: 866-280-7287Houma/Thibodaux: 800-228-9409 Slidell/Hammond:866-280-7724Lafayette: 800-901-3210 Lake Charles: 866-280-27

The Red Cross for Evacuation Planning and Hurricane Safety (1-888-737-1997)

Louisiana State Office of Emergency Preparedness (342-5470)

National Hurricane Center (305-229-4483)

American Red Cross South East Louisiana Chapter (586-8191)

Disaster/Military (584-9522)Health and Safety (833-8565)Emergencies (586-8191)Covington (892-4317)Gretna (366-4178)Metairie (833-8565)Slidell (643-5608)

Police Departments (911)

Causeway Bridge (853-3116)Cresecent City Connection (364-8180)East Jefferson Levee (733-0077)Harbor Police (891-7585)Kenner Police (468-7777)Levee Board (283-9800)Mississipi River Bridge (364-8180)State Police (471-2775)

Hospitals with 24 hour emergency rooms

Medical Center (504-568-2311)Doctors Hospital (504-849-4000)East Jefferson (504-454-4000)Children's Hospital (504-899-9511)Meadowcrest (504-392-3131)Ochsner Foundation (504-842-3000)Memorial Medical Center (504-483-5000)Kenner Regional (504-468-8600)Tulane Hospital (504-588-5263)West Jefferson (504-347-5511)Touro Infirmary (504-897-7011)Lakeside (985-885-3333)Northshore Regional Medical (985-649-7070)Slidell Memorial Hospital (985-643-2200)

Gas Utilities

Orleans Parish - Entergy (1-800-368-3749)All other Parishes - LGS (504-367-7000)

Electricity - Utilities

Entergy (1-800-968-8243)Cleco - Covington, Mandeville, Slidell (1-800-622-6537)WST - Covington and Mandeville (985-892-8804)WST - Slidell (985-643-6612)

Trees Blocking Road

East Jefferson (504-838-1150)Plaquemines (504-525-6825)New Orleans (504-286-2100)St Tammany - Covington, Mandeville (985-892-4141)St Tammany - Slidell (985-646-4141)West Jefferson (504-349-5360)

If anyone is looking for a family member or friend who was in a nursing home in Louisiana go to the following site People are listed by there last name. My mom send me the information and when I figure out where to go for Alabama and Mississippi I will post it. Hope this helps someone find there friends or family members.

Mississippi--Here’s the link for Mississippi for evacuated residents.

730. Memphis Evacuee Resources
by junebug1959, 9/1/05 16:56 ET
Evacuees who need food, medical care, school for their children and shelter should call the Memphis Convention and Visitors Bureau at 543-5300. This is the main hotline number for Memphis. The CVB can supply appropriate contact points and a list of available hotel/motel rooms or information on local congregations that can provide shelter.
MIFA’s Emergency Services office can supply emergency food. MIFA is screening walk-ins and distributing non-perishable food through the MIFA Food Pantry system to hurricane victims who show proper identification. Regular screening is between 7:30 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. Monday – Friday at the 910 Vance Ave. headquarters.

Christ United Methodist Church is acting as the local congregational shelter clearinghouse for storm refugees. The church’s main number is (901) 683-3521 for victims seeking shelter. Those who want to offer their homes as shelter should call Rebecca Locastro at (901) 261-4386. All food donations should go to the Memphis Food Bank at 239 S. Dudley. The organization’s main number is (901) 527-0841.

The most appropriate organization to mobilize volunteer help in this type of disaster is the Mid-South chapter of the American Red Cross. The number there is (901) 726-1690.

Area Shelters• Trinity Baptist Church, 7200 Swinnea Road in Southaven, MS

• Cathedral of Faith Ministries, 2212 Jackson 901-327-1616

• Cummings Street Baptist Church, 250 East Raines Road, 901-345-2100

• Lacy Hardaway Jr. Memorial Senior Center, 2264 South Lauderdale 901-461-2416

• Bellevue Baptist Church GRACE Family Life Center, 2000 Appling Road, Cordova, TN 901-347-5420

• The Grand Casino Event Center in Tunica, MS (full to capacity)

• G.W. Henderson Health and Recreation Center, 1165 Abbey Drive (off U.S. Highway 61), Tunica

• White Oak Recreation Center at 1100 White Oak Road (off State Highway 4), Tunica

• Dundee Recreation Center at 9140 Dundee Road (off U.S. Highway 61), Tunica

• Church in Covington, TN - contact Diane Lindsay at 901-496-7399

• Christ United Methodist Church in Memphis

• Friendship Baptist Church - 1355 Vollentine - 901-274-5990 is open for shelter and meals

• Germantown Presbyterian Church offering food and shelter - 901-754-5195

• Greater Praise COGIC, 3282 Millington Road, 901-353-0831 offering shelter for 50-60 people. Ask for Pam Smith or Jackie Johnson

• Ridgeway Baptist Church, 901-832-9243

• Church. Call Jan Culbreath. 901-854-3844 or 901-212-9646

• First Baptist Church, Missouri St., West Memphis, AR

• First Baptist Church, Marion, AR, 870-739-4483

• Calvary Church, West Memphis, TN 870-735-8181 or 870-735-5020

• Cornerstone Inst. Baptist, 901-751-0333. Gym, facility, kitchen available. No showers

• Easthaven Church of Christ 901-363-8841. Shower facilities and full kitchen w/ dining area

• New Hickory Hill 901-794-7804

• Freedom Temple 901-406-5690

2089. A church that needs our help
by TommC, 9/5/05 12:28 ET
I contacted and actually spoke with a women named Dana Lux at the First Baptist Church, I wanted to make sure they would directly recieve the items were going to send them. the phone number is 225-343-0397. She can give you the wish list.

3467. mommyzonamission
by Missionmoms, 9/5/05 12:19 ET
Hello I am laurie Larsen and we are "Mommies On A Mission",We are a group of Mommies here in Kansas mobilizing food, toiletries, hygeine products etc and driving them directly to the food pantries in Houston who are on the front lines working directly with the displaced hurricane victims and trying to provide for the thousands of people there! I might also bring to mind that there are dozens of children who are just in these shelters with nothing more to do than run about. They need books, coloring books, toys, and stuffed animals for comfort and something to do...we will also be accepting these items as well. If you would like to aid us in our efforts to help those who are working around the clock to aid these people in the here and now please send you donations of food, toiletries, hygeine products, razors, childrens books, stuffed animals, blankets (new only), eye care (contact solution etc), tylenol, baby items, paper, pens, new combs and brushes, and anything else you might think of to:
"Mommies On A Mission"C/O Laurie Larsen3700 Clinton Prkwy Apt 1502Lawrence, KS 66047


We will be making our first trip in the next couple of weeks and are driving directly to the most needed areas. If you are here in KS and would like to offer to drive or to volunteer please e-mail and we will get in touch. If you would like to make a monatary donation to help defray the cost of gas please send your contribution to the above address. We will be listing the benevolent people who helped us and the victims in this awful tragedy in the Pittsburg KS newspaper as well as the Lawrence Journal World. If you would like to be included in this please let me know in what ever you donate.

Thanks and God Bless those who are in need,Mommies On A Mission


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