Chris (chrisjournal) wrote,

Good news, though we're not done yet

I've just spoken with a woman in charge of residents of Maison Hospitaliere, a senior assisted living facility near Uncle Al's home. She tells me that she's able to confirm that he did leave the city with them. However, they do not know where he got to and he is not with them now. My relief is palpable. He got out of the city. That is sooooo important. He was alive and well enough to leave the group he was with under his own steam. Survival instincts are strong in this branch of the family.

Now it's a matter of waiting until he lands somewhere and can make contact. Our communication chain with his son in CA is sketchy at best, and it make take several days before we really know his story. Rest assured, he will have a Story to tell. That's what he is, really: a storyteller.

I am off to collapse now, with more prayers for the folks still under seige in the flooded and destroyed areas of LA, MS and AL. I'll be back at it, though, this afternoon.

A final thought:

Without the internet, I would still be in the dark. Without the internet, we would not know where GaGa is or that uncle Al got out. Without the internet, we would not have known how to contact people who could actually assist in the rescue of our families.

You guys are the saving grace in this disater, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. If you're feeling helpless, and good with the googling and problem solving, head over to a message board where people are posting about missing loved ones ( or -- help them research whereabouts and get in touch with rescue crews, notice multiple people looking for information in similar geographic areas and connect them together. Find out what people in specific areas need and work to get it to them. There's an overwhelming amount of work out there -- find a spot, settle in, and do what you do best: connect the dots.

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