Chris (chrisjournal) wrote,

Not much news yet, in wait mode

Haven't made much progress on the house or on Uncle Al -- I managed to narrow down the possible places he was in communication with ("a ritzy nursing home practially next door") to only one or two, and have found out where the most likely ones have landed. Spoke to one of their leaders on the phone in their Houston hotel makeshift facility, and she said they had a couple of non-residents with them, but that the name didn't strike her. The woman was *weary* sounding, but I have a sliver of hope. I gave her all the descriptive info I could and she was going to see if she could track down the non residents and see if any of them was Al Shea. Since he could have been picked up by anyone (FEMA and coast guard were both notified of his presence and need for help), it's possible he wasn't with them, and is elsewhere but out of Nola. It's also possible that he got hurt or ill and there's nothing I can do that will change that. So, waiting. His apt phone still rings, though. I'm taking that as a sign that he's out of there, not the negative.

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