Chris (chrisjournal) wrote,

Short tonight

I'm just about done for, really. Energy reserves are just *gone*. But there's good news, so post I shall before I return to packing boxes and cleaning things.

Uncle Rick made it to Houston. GaGa is on the Homeland Security "medium" priority list, as she's on an upper floor of a mostly sound building. Uncle Al is so far unlooted and dry. Scott's trying to talk him into getting out of dodge, but right now, he's probably safer staying where he is. In a few days, that will change. More distant relatives are almost all accounted for now, only one remaining in Nola in an assisted care facility uptown -- thank goodness. The residents are being systematically evacuated.

I miss my husband terribly, but this too shall pass. The devastation in Mississippi is even more frightening than Louisiana -- we do the medicaid prescription benefits for Miss in my company, and their systems and facility in state were completely out of commission. Spent last night trying to get the phones rerouted and most of today trying to find ways for people to get their scripts from faraway states when normally those won't process.

Much love for all of you, and forgive me if I do a blanket, huge, and heartfelt THANK YOU TO EVERYONE right here -- I'm not sure when I will have the energy to respond, but please know that I'm grateful for all of your good wishes, prayers, information, supportiveness and *safety*. Please, if you're able to help in some way, do. There are a lot of ways to help, and I'll get a list up here tomorrow of ways to offer your assistance.

Now where the frak is sockkpuppett??? ETA 9:53pm EST -- Lum's okay!

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