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Friends' meme

First meme I've seen that's been quite this fascinating to me. I'm not sure I can do justice to it, but I sure had a lot of fun figuring out who I was in harmonyfb's, jodyorjen's , and kimberly_a's lists, . Thanks for the inspiration, gals!

I didn't try to make them too hard.">

1. You are far, far too modest. Your wit never fails to entertain, and I adore your posts. Still want to see that thing get some sunlight, too!

2. My hero. Yes, you. You are living the life I only dream of.

3. I swear I can't remember whose journal I 'met' you in, but I'm so glad you're here.

4. The opposite and necessary side of my coin. What would I do without you?

5. My fellow Southern Smut Belle! Was excited to see you appear recently. God bless you for all the help with sandlot. You *are* a goddess (even if your WIP has been languishing longer than Carthage...)

6. Heh. I could make yours easy to figure out, but I won't. I missed you while you were gone.

7. Your romantic posts are wonderful. She's a lucky girl.

8. You were the first person after wisteria to welcome me here -- I always read your posts with interest, but fail miserably to reply often. It's folks like you who make lj a less scary place for me.

9. Pure inspiration. You're so friendly and funny and talented, and I am so jealous ;-) I hope you never, ever stop writing. Annie Lamott, watch out...

10. My fellow evil Spike lover. I *adore* your writing style and would love to read some of the RL fic some day.

11. One of the voices in the wilderness I'd missed terribly when I abandoned the discussion lists and boards

12. You're way too quiet. Write more. Lots.

13. You were the first person to encourage me to write and are still the person I know I can turn to for a little realism and faith in the show. And your musical taste is *fab*!

14. You teach me much with your lj'ing, and you were one of the first folks outside of my little insulated list world to encourage my writing. Thank you for both!

15. The butterfly. We may not always agree on our opinion of ME or the eps, but you're always fun to chat with. Wish you posted more here.

16. Sometimes you are a bad, bad kitty, but I always adore your writing. I still find myself holding my breath when I read your fic. Well, except for that *one* :-) So glad I met you!

17. Ever faithful, often dark, totally reliable for Britpicking. Also far too prolific for me to keep up with (and at such high quality. Bitch!) So glad you're out there!

18. So glad you started writing for BtVS finally, dear.

19. You're one of those really cool artistic folks who I 'friended' because you said or did something in response to another of my friends, and I was shocked when you friended me in return. Don't worry, you're already an Original!

20. I suspect you are living the life I might have if I hadn't met my husband in college... I have extensive moments of jealousy and am in awe of your writing talent.

21. This'll blow your mind, I think. You're one of those folks whose opinion means a *lot* more than you realize. It made my day when you showed up!

22. I'm worried about you. You absolutely flabbergasted me recently with your post about feeling a bit insecure. Hope that passes quickly, because your fics are some of the best I've ever read.

24. You know, I *still* don't know who you are, but you were there very early in my attempts at lj, and I love reading your journal.

25. Yet another person I've put on a pedestal. Was *fabulous* to meet you at SL, hope you're planning to come to Tampa. Your journal is entertainment I'd *pay* for.

26. You don't post much in your own journal (and I sure do wish you did), but you've been a mainstay of support for what seems forever. Your fic never fails to move me, often to laugh out loud, but just as often to sigh and wish fervently that your employer was ME rather than a university.

27. Tell that husband of yours I said he needs to get a grip! And oh yeah -- you do *so* write well. I have *decreed* it!

28. Ah, you seem to struggle so with the family/self/balance thing, and I get all motherly feeling. I love reading your Buffy posts, and it always puts a smile on my face when you post a happy post. I'm glad you're here.

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