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To let folks know the easiest way I know how, we're alive and safe, if cold. The ice storm has knocked 90 percent of our county off the power and phone grids since Weds night. I'm piggybacking on Mike's work server at the moment to do this quick check in, send out betas I owed to folks, and generally say, "I'm alive." Don't know when we'll be back with power, etc. -- they say it could be a week. Yesterday, they said it would be a day or two. Who knows? Thanks to all those in Fla, Va, Ga, Ala. and elsewhere who're sending help to NC. I've never seen ice damage this bad. In fact, this is worse than the hurricaines I've lived through, if only because 20 degree temps make it so much harder to cope with lack of electricity, hot water, etc. It doesn't take long to make camping out in your home get less fun. The boys think it's still fun to be cooking over the fireplace and skipping baths on day four, but mom's more than had enough.

Oh goddamn, Ashley just walked in and said that they're saying the damage in our particular area is so bad they think they need to redo the entire grid and best case for power and phone is next Saturday. I don't know what the hell we'll do if it goes til then. Rumor says they'll have the schools open next week, so I can't just take the kids and go elsewhere, even if I could afford to lose another week's pay from work. Looks like it's past time to let go and let what happens, happen. Y'all pray for us, okay? I'll check in when I can.

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