Chris (chrisjournal) wrote,

This would be the total fangirl version...VMars

Okay, running commentary to myself, since I am condemned to squeeing to myself as I watch this. I miss the days when Kim and I would IM through the eps of Buffy and Angel...

Gah. I am dying to know what's in those results!

Avoiding Logan. God, I really want him to barge into that bathroom. But more important, I WANT THEM TO GET ON WITH THE STORY!

And I really wish I thought Lianne did it. I do not like Mama Mars, nor do I like the vibe of the family with three.

I don't like Duncan. I just *don't*. But no way he did the killing. No freaking way.

So. Point one. Either Dad, Mom, or both think Duncan did it. I'm still putting my money on Mama Kane knowing it was not, in fact, Duncan who did it.

Ooooh. Beaver confession time. Logan's up next for accusation, then.

Oh man. She's totally freaked. Totally.

Weevil HEARD IT!! OMG!

Holleeeee SHIT!

Papa can't be suing for paternity, can he? It's gotta be the reward, right? RIGHT?

She CANNOT be Kane's daughter.



pick the fangirl up off the floor now.


Veronica, you are a stupid girl, do you know that?

Noooooooooo! Not off to jail.

Oh shit. Weevil? Not good.

Shew. Saved by the police. Truly scary. Lamb's still on my list.

Oh my. Lordy, but doesn't he hurt pretty?


Who's next?

-second commercial break-

DAMNATION! Go after him, you stupid girl.

Ha! I bet you Weevil has the letter. I bet you I bet you. Or maybe Lilly got it somehow...and hid it with the damned video tape that they're going to find soon soon soon.

Okay, that's better. Gonna clear him.

Hee. Wig is scary. OOOOOOH. And mama's got vodka in the water bottles!

Maybe Lianne theorists are right...

Ewww. Don't give me Duncan and Veronica solve this together. Ptooey.

(commercials -- way too long!)

Ugh. They are.

Tapes. Aha! The videos. It's too early for the reveal...

HA! Lilly was waiting for him. And she found another tape. That is so disgusting!!!!!!

I cannot believe we were all right!

Harry, we loved you. Rob Thomas, I love you, too.


God. This is sooooo evil.

Poor, poor, poor Logan.

So why the fuck is Lianne back, then?

shitshitshit. If Aaron figures out, Veronica is so in trouble.

Or is this another frame with yet another reveal of Kane or Lamb to come.

God, I heart this show!!!!!


Wait, that wasn't a commercial.

And if Weevil saves Logan, I will think I have died and gone to heaven. Cause Weevil knows that Logan loved Lilly.



Weevil AND Logan to the rescue, maybe? Bestill my heart can it *get* any better???



She's conscioius and trapped in a car with a murderer.

Worries a LOT.

The water. Stay *away* from the water, Veronica.

Better. Somebody's home,but it won't help much, huh?

OH shit.



Fire is scary. But water beats fire, right??? Daddy!!! Yay, Daddy!

Oh no, Daddy....

Fuck. It occurs to me -- is Logan about to jump the cliffhanger?

This scene is filmed too dark for my taste. I know it had to be, but...too dark.


Who's going to save the tapes???

(that's terribly cold hearted of me, but this actual damage is freaking me out)

BACKUP! Wheeeeeee, Backup!


Backup. Nothing, but NOTHING could be better.

Oh. She's gonna say Wallace's mom. I love Veronica Mars. I really do.

YAY VERONICA!!!!!!!!! Kick mama's ass to the curb.


That bitch stole the check, too. What a complete and utter bitch.

Where's Logan, dammit!

At the door, maybe? Please?

Hee. RT, I love you with all my heart. You and that Farscape dude need to go have babies.
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