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First, happy Mother's Day to those of you celebrating (and I figure most of us either have a mom/mom sub to celebrate, or are moms)! Mike and the boys went to the Derby party in VA without me yesterday, as I needed to be at work at 6am yesterday. But I slept in today, and they are going to be home in time to take me to a little Italian place in Raleigh that I love.

Second, Dragon*Con is happening. Tickets are purchased, and briberyproper arrangements are made with husband. Who's going?

Third: Is it Tuesday yet?

I've got about half a dozen unfinished pieces of fiction here, and I don't guess any of them are going to truly get written until I am at peace with the big mysteries. I definitely think this is a hangover from Jossian fandom: I am way too invested in the pure joy of the story to dive into an AUish place with them, right now. When the finale is over, there will be time enough to really study them in depth, and I'll have the entire season in front of me as fodder. Just can't quite jump in blind.

And until Tuesday at 10pm, blind is what I am (we all are?). I've never watched a show where there was such a *tight* construction -- there's just nothing wasted in VM. Nothing at all. No throwaway lines, no throwaway images. Hell, I'm not even sure there are throwaway jokes.

The true beauty of this show is that there are still so many viable ways the puzzle could solve.

I'm getting all stirred up here, and need to get in the car and go (*ugh*) to work for a couple hours. Many reports need to be done, and some schedules for OT in operations. I want to have that done before the boys get home from VA.

::chamapagne and chocolate for all::
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