Chris (chrisjournal) wrote,

Gah. Gah, I say!

So, I didn't know this wonderous thing called fandom existed back when Buffy started playing. I watched it alone at home with my kids asleep and my husband at work. I got all excited at what went on, droned a bit at him, and just barely contained my excitement from week to week. I'll never forget how it hit me at Beer Bad. M. came home early, caught me at it, and we both had an absolute ball. I didn't have to be entirely alone in my lurve any more.

But we're a house divided on Tuesday nights. He watches House, and I watch Veronica. I really enjoy House, but VM has become the show. I get the same tingles I got for Buffy, and then some. Very different sort of show, imho, despite having a petite, blonde, too pretty for her own good actress in the lead role. mintwitch, you would fall head over heels with this show, I'm telling you truth. Might even be something UGF would like too, though it's hard to pin it down. Very, very, very noir with a modern sensibility and a sense of humor you'd *get*.

Reaction to tonight's ep:

This was *perfection* 100%, grade A, prime TV meat. I could see the shoe dropping weeks away, but it!!!!! And I sooooo did not predict the downfall of Wallace's mom. Oh how awful.

Fic is happening. Soon. I can no longer resist the siren call. It's eating my insides up. From the bottom, even.

Sorry, scuze the babble.

Can't believe I really found a new TV love. Tuesdays are sacred again, dudes and dudettes.
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