Chris (chrisjournal) wrote,

Okay, I'm officially sucked in

I've been watching Veronica Mars from the beginning, although Tuesday nights are hard to manage RL wise. I really enjoy the show -- there's something very Picket Fence-y about it.

But I've been satisfied to watch, for the most part.


That's different now. I'm officially sucked in. Thinking about it in the car, in the shower, falling asleep. This is a familiar pattern, and inevitably leads one place.

soundingsea and wisteria_: where's the good fic? I seem to be acquiring the same bug that bit me along about Intervention in Buffy...

Also of a fannish nature: I've been head over heels for Deadwood for quite a while now, but the fannish community seems to be hiding. Any pointers?

Signing off and back to work (which now blocks LJ as well as outside email and most websites). Sigh. Wish I weren't spending 10-14 hours per day there.
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