Chris (chrisjournal) wrote,

So it's only been three months..or is it four?

I had to ask what year it was today, actually.

Topsy-turvy hardly covers it. I have good days, and I have bad ones. Today, sucked. But yesterday was good. Writing is of the nothappening. Reading, though is happening -- I've caught several (though far from all) of the lovely Spuffy Kinkathon fics, worked my way through the phenomenal Secretary fic (good lord did that hit every button I possess???), and keep visiting back to the lonely Buffy/Wesley links I've scavenged.

I haven't the time or the finger strength to even talk about what's been consuming me, let's just say that relocation has not yet occurred, and we're caught in the middle of a very ugly and disheartening situation. So I've made my (somewhat temporary) peace with where we are and what I am doing, and am now making an attempt to climb out of the hole that's swallowed me and regain some timespace that is mine and mine alone (translation: I miss you guys and I miss fandom and I miss writing, and I don't have time for it all, but I'm out here, floating about and will pipe up from time to time, I promise).

What brought me out of hiding? No, not the guilt. Guilt is of my own making, and I feel bad for just sorta piping up here like this, but I saw chenanceou's post today about giving fellow writers the lurve, and thought that I didn't dare not do this. First, let me say that I adore and have learned from all of you, and picking people out is hard. So I'm going with those who have had the biggest influence on me as a writer, an editor, and a fan...

redeem147 -- quietly supportive, unbelievably productive, and a complete master of turning moments into *real* stories. Colleen has been fic mama to soooooo many wonderful writers that it's hard to do her enough justice. What's always struck me more than anything about Colleen's writing (there are many strong points) is the completely natural feel to her dialogue, no matter how simple the concept the story is built around.

mintwitch -- oh please. Y'all had to know I was going to name her. I wouldn't still be here without her. She responded to a pitiful newbie's plea for mentorship with her usual brusque and utterly efficient manner, and though she had to be (wait for it) talked into writing, her writing has influenced how I use words, how I read fic, how I edit myself and others. So many, many hours of pleasure have come from Mint's pure originality, and I'm grateful.

ljs and elsaf -- These are, in my opinion, the queens of plot. Gorgeous and expert use of language and rich characterization are strengths in these writers, but what I've learned most, what I literally *study* in their tales, is the way they weave conflict into their plots to keep me chasing through to the prolific end.

gwynnega -- her quiet depth and light touch with both romance and angst in the Willow/Giles world which captured me when the shine fell off of Spuffy have been a real inspiration to me. I admire many things about her writing, but for me, she is the queen of romantic fiction.

estepheia -- Steffi's stories don't always suit my pairing palate, but what never ceases to amaze me is her versatility and technical precision. As most of you know, my kinks tend to be of the very het variety, yet I find myself reading at least part of all of Steffi's stories just to find out what in the world will she do beautifully next. I love to look at her work and pull it apart, think about what makes it tick, and inevitably take away some "aha" or another about the characters she's addressed in her tale.

There are so many more of you I'd like to point out -- those who've taught me about metaphor, lyrical language, layering of theme and meaning, how to tell a plain old, flat out good story... But I am out of time and shall therefore bid you adieu with the knowledge that if I'd had the time, I'd eventually have listed each of you writerly types here, including those of you who rarely write any more.
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