Chris (chrisjournal) wrote,

Just briefly

Sorry for the disjointed nature of this post -- I'm just throwing out bits so y'all know I'm okay and sorta kinda out here, but just not 'engaged' right now.

I'm alive, and sticking my head in here to let folks know. I'm still on 7-day weeks, and long hours. About four more weeks of this, tops, or I'm out of this place. I'd hate to leave somewhere only one year in, especially when I've put this much in, but I think I've had a grand total of an hour in the last ten days to spend doing 'me' things. That includes email, internet, reading books, writing, hell, even the newspaper. I could squeeze a little more in if we weren't extremely limited at work -- I've been afraid to try LJ there since I learned that there's an actual human being at the company who follows up on all email and web page 'dings' from the blocking software.

Family life continues apace, and with the *hopeful* sale of the VA house, finances will gain some breathing room and I can then put the time that's been going into getting that house ready for sale into the house we currently live in -- there is much work that needs to be done here, including roof and window repairs that really must be done before December.

GaGa, Mr. Chris's 93-yr old grandmother who lives in New Orleans, is in declining health, and we're trying to figure out how to get the boys down there in November to see her again. Not many little boys are lucky enough to have three living great grandparents, and we want to be sure that they remember and value those relationships. God knows what I'll do when my Grandma is ready to go, but ...the boys will remember her, of that I'm sure.

What else? Writercon stuff has been at a 100 percent standstill of late. I've got a big list of things to do, including writing up a summary report from the survey, following up on a handful of outstanding auctions, and putting together a distribution list for folks who offered to check out specific cities.

The publishing project proceeds apace, and email related to that is the only email I'm skimming at the moment. 4 stories in the bag, 3 in the works. We should be approaching publishers in late October/early November for that. I've promised myself to do a pimping post on that soon here, but no time right now -- it's time to get the Sukkah built.

My sympathies to all who are experiencing health issues, financial issues, depression issues, weather issues, caregiver issues -- here's a bit of cyber chocolate. When I think about what a lot of you guys are going through, I really can't complain about my life at all. Many supportive vibes from this corner, to all of you.

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