Chris (chrisjournal) wrote,

Home sweet home

Well, at least I'm back in NC. Home is where y'all are, plus hubby and kids. Ain't moving to Vegas, though. No *freakin* way. Hotel was not as bad as I feared it would be (yes, that should scare you), but it was FAR from ideal for running a con. That's enough said on the topic, for the moment. Many things go into why WC ended up there, and the fact that we did makes it super clear that Vegas isn't well suited to being Writercon's home. Watch for a survey soon to nominate your favorite spot. I don't know how we're going to keep it that cheap elsewhere, but we'll find a way.

Getting Home:

I slept on the plane. It took a lot longer than it should have, but not nearly as long as some other concom members' trips apparently have. For those of you who thought I was tired at the con, let me just say I'm way tireder now. And I have a voice that might rival James Earl Jones. The folks in the call center got a big kick out of that.

I have about 20 pages of writing in my notebook with observations and things I wanted to tell people and ...too tired to even write it all up. Here are some random lists (my life is about lists these days, isn't it?)

Things I want, desperately:

Con reports from people who went to stuff.
Links to pictures.
A way to figure out livejournal names of those folks I met at Writercon.

Things I did in Vegas:

Played for days with my husband (in retrospect, that should have been *after* the con), and then packed him off to LA.

Missed most of the events, but met literally hundreds of wonderful, wonderful people.

Did battle with the hotel front desk so many times I lost count.

Never did learn a straight path from the rooms to the con spaces.

Fell in love at least a hundred times. It's possible I met more of you than that. There were just shy of 250 people ( We thought 100 was a near-max number).

Cried when some wonderful folks got me a Jane autograph, while I was occupied with other things and didn't get to spend any time with her or hear more than ten minutes of her talk.

Danced, laughed, joked, partied, threatened to sing, stood on tables, forgot to eat and didn't care, was embarrassed, was proud, and generally just felt completely unworthy of what was going on around me.

Things I learned in Vegas:

Way more than I expected to without ever really seeing a panel.

Why it is that you should never, ever leave a cup unattended even briefly.

Complete and utter awe for the fannish community.

That pukajen and sleipnirrr and ascian3 are superheroes.

Things I wish:

That it had been longer, although I think it would have killed me dead.

That we'd had just a little more time to get this thing together

That Kita, Sally, Leslie, Lori, Susan, Jen, Sweet Ali, and all the rest of the folks whose names I'm not calling to mind at the moment, had been there in reality rather than just in spirit.

Things I will remember:

Late nights unpacking, stuffing packets, repacking, printing signs, telling each other to eat, what a squee sounds like in real life, what it's like to have someone write fic for you on the spot who hasn't written in a long while, what it's like to make someone smile, or feel better in some way, how helpless a person can be to change things at times, how to let go of the plan and go with the flow, how phenomenally important trust is, what it's like to work with friends, and what wonderful, wonderful new friends I've made.

You guys, out there? Rock my world.

/chrisjournal passes out now.
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