Chris (chrisjournal) wrote,

Writercon Scholarships

I have been literally *buried* in paperwork with this and other things, but I'm poking my head out of the dungeon to point something out to the world: we have got 22 of the 24 applicants situated well enought that they are all coming!!!!



(You knew there was a but, right?)

We have two folks to go. We're extremely close with #1, but #2 is the *sweetest* person, very shy and unassuming. She's also from far, far away (but lacking in the evil fairygodmother). We're a good piece off still for her, but there are still folks poking away at the scholarship funds.

There are several ways you can help this attendee, if you'd like to.

1. itsabigrock has some personal items that she is auctioning off. She plans to use the funds she raises specifically to help our applicant, so go, look. Or better yet, spread the word to your friends who enjoy fannish things!

2. Come to the con! Seriously, we're at a point where each registration that we get adds to our ability to handle extra overhead (and scholarships can come out of overhead to a certain extent) Sign up here.

3. Mean old nasty boss won't let you off? Have a vacation or other plans that overlap? S'okay. We've got supporting memberships, too. You'll get a nice little package with your supporting membership that will be the next best thing, and the satisfaction of knowing you supported the scholarship fund!

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