Chris (chrisjournal) wrote,

I'm alive, I swear it

I shouldn't be here, probably, but I had to tell somebody.

Hubby watches "racing" sometimes. (we live in North Carolina, quit snickering, it's a thing). I'm sitting on the bed, trying yet another method of recovering the lost emails, and I hear Clay's voice. I look up, and what I see are dozens of veterans, ages 85 on down, in full dress uniform, along with all sorts of war remnants going back to WWI. He's singing 'Measure of a Man', not one of my favorites, but it fits the moment. I cried.

Damnation, there are so many things wrong in this country. But I'm still proud of us, as people.

In other news:

It's Mint Witch's birthday! ::dances::

Off to a crawfish boil I don't want to attend, but back on the Writercon stick this evening. Registrations, attendees page, and other fun stuff happening tonight.
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