Chris (chrisjournal) wrote,


--I love the Shakespeare Theater in DC. Michael Kahn made me enjoy 5-6 hours of Henry the IV, perhaps the earliest modern proof that even a genius can lay a bomb.

--Zaytinya has fabulous food. Go there. Eat olives and good bread and to die for squash blossoms and asparagus and fish stew and soft-shell crab and lamb keftedes and delicious chocolate cardamom stuff. With a nice bottle of Santorini white of some sort, for your 11th wedding anniversary.

--Don't go to the Irish pub near the edge of Chinatown. They will card 30-mumble years old gray haired married ladies and be mean and not let you in, even when they are the only real establishment serving food at 1am within walking distance.

--And don't forget your umbrella in DC in the springtime, too -- at least not if you're wearing a white shell and black wool jacket...

--There isn't a good synonym meaning both 'tired' and 'happy,' is there?

--Buffy and Angel fandoms *rock*!

--I'll get caught up, eventually. Really, I will.

Oh! And one actually important thing:

Any of you guys have connections at University of Georgia? Specifically at the Red and Black? Dream job, and I do mean tailor made forever'n'ever love, there for dearest hubby. Athens, Ga. is pretty close to my IDEAL town to live in forever'n'ever, too. Only New Orleans would be better. Back to school, even just to audit? A wet dream for both of us.

Words of advice on how to catch Harry Montevideo's attention *actively* solicited. We're not above deliveries of chocolate and beer, assuming that's still what collegiate newsrooms run on *g*

How're the public schools? Are there tech, biotech, or pharmaceutical sorts of employment nearer to Athens than downtown Atlanta?

Who fun in fandom is nearby besides wisteria_ and elfgirl?

Crossed fingers please? And advice *very* welcome.

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