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I believe I am caught up on the auction ads, with two exceptions: the person who emailed me about a cousin and a partner perhaps participating, and a writer whose ad I wrote back about this evening. Everyone else should be up and at 'em that I've received. Final auctions end Fri 21/Sat 22 (depending on timezone), and the ConCom meets on 5/22 and/or 5/23 to figure out where we go from here.

I'll be gone this weekend -- please use the writercon at yahoo address for email if you need assistance. Other concom folks will be keeping an eye on the email box.

Ending Saturday:
Redeem147/Colleen: Drabbler for Hire
MintWitch For Sale: cheap at any price

Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies, 5 dozen
Homemade Caramels
Buffy Trading Card Set-Connections
Buffy and Angel Trading Cards-Grab Bag
Buffy Bubblegum Mini Lunch Box Tins
Buffy Media Package
Human-Face Spike Action Figure
Game Face Spike Action Figure
Buffy Action Figure--Signed by Sculptor!
Herbs Etc. by Star of the Desert

Ending Sunday:
Kalima: Story Architect For Sale
Pepperlandgirl: Writer for Sale
Telaryn, Sexy Words for Sexy Fans
nwhepcat and her graven image
Rubywisp: Writer for Sale
Rosefox: Professional Editing Services
Tales of angst by soundingsea
Betareading by soundingsea
Appomatoxc: Storyteller for Rent
Miss Murchison: One Writer
Lady Angel: A Story, I Am Coming
Barb Cummings: Artist and Writer
Estepheia: One Adventurous Writer for Rent
Ladycat On Offer
Caro/Spikewriter - Scrivener for Rent
Autographed "Conversations With Dead People" [PIC]
The Writerly Services of Indri
Elsa Frohman: Fiction Construction Worker For Hire
Kimi: Juggler for Hire
Lori: Writerly Services For Sale

Kalima: Decorative pillow
Faerie Art by Sonyaelflady [PIC]
Angel S2 DVDs
Miggy: A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words [PIC]
Cyn Martin [PIC]

Irfikos: Professional Layout/Design Services
Vampire Tote Bag [PIC]
Vampire Tote Bag [PIC]
James Marsters Autograph [PIC]

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