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So maybe it was mostly setup for the coming avalanche, but wheee! The anvil landed, I got to drool at *three* gorgeous men, Lindsey is back!, the promo was fab, poor Gunn, love the Lindsey/Connor paralleling, can't *wait* for next week....

I've been down and almost out over this one. Yuck. Why does pine pollen have to exist again? Sigh.

Yes, still going to do it, but getting a little bit different with it. If you're more interested in donating something other than fiction, we're open to offers. I'm throwing in my JM autograph stuff (I think there are a couple of pics if I haven't given them away and forgotten, and there's a cd somewhere, too, I think maybe.) Various con com and attendees are donating some of their fan memorabilia. And we've got a confirmed Jane autographed extraspecialitem that will be up for grabs, as well. So if you've got fannish merch, or possibly even just interesting stuff, that you'd like to donate for auction on behalf of scholarships, send me an email, or post it here, pretty please?

I'll also post to the Writercon journal. We've got a total of 40ish badge requests, 20ish of which also include airfare and/or hotel needs, for a total request from folks of a whole *lot* of money. Anything you can think of is up for grabs -- one thing I would really love to have is original artwork of characters (as opposed to manips) that is suitable for placement on items such as mouse pads, coffee cups, journals, and/or Tshirts.

And yes, we're still going to have a fiction section. There's been a small bit of tweaking on the legalese, but the bottom line is that it's a risk we've decided we're willing to take. I know that some of you will have issues with that, but the con com is committed. So if you haven't sent in your ad, thinking we might have cancelled plans due to various factors, it's not too late the email addy is writercon@yahoo.com . If, however, you're having second thoughts, keep reading, because we've got another plan going that may be more your speed, especially if you wanted to help but weren't sure what you could do!

We're planning an internet style telethon, with themed donation days. A posse of writers and artists will stand at the ready to serve on the Thank You committee, and I think they'll get pretty darned creative in their thanks. Those on the Thank You committee will be given a task and a challenge: On your assigned day, bring in five people to donate to your cause -- one dollar is all it takes. The challenge: find a highly creative way to say Thank You to the folks who donate on your behalf. We're thinking to run this telethon (internetathon? it needs a name. Maybe "Send a Writer to Camp"?), we need about 45 folks willing to take on TYC duties, in order to run 8 days of the telethon. We'll feature links to various fandom sites around the web related to the day's theme. And I'm horribly wordy, please forgive. Here's a potential example, stolen shamelessly from the Saving Angel campaign: Het Shipper Day: Donate on behalf of your OTP: B/A, B/S, A/C, A/W, S/W. A TYC committee member will 'own' each character and take charge of saying thank you in a way that you can really appreciate. At the end of the day, we'll award a prize of a Writercon Tshirt to the highest donor for the 'winning' couple. Ping me here or over at writercon if you're willing to serve on the TYC! If 45 people convince 5 people each to donte 5 dollars, that's about ten percent of scholarship needs completely wiped out. Can we do it? I certainly hope so.

If you're bothered by this fundraising, or you'd rather not hear about it here, it's okay to say so. I'm easy. I care very, very deeply about getting folks to Vegas who want to come but can't afford it, so I realize it may be annoying. Thanks for your tolerance, and do feel free to ask questions or poke holes. I'm gonna leave this bit off the WC LJ, though. *g*


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Apr. 14th, 2004 08:10 pm (UTC)
I still definitely want to do the auction, but I'm not sure how to set up my ad. Could I possibly get a peek at some of the ones that have been sent in, to see different approaches to it? I already feel like a goober, being the odd woman out with my auction donation, and a variety of ad types would be nice for inspiration. :)
Apr. 15th, 2004 05:58 am (UTC)
Chris or Harmony can forward you mine -- they should each have a copy. I've got one step out the door towards Savannah for the weekend, or I'd do it myself.
Apr. 15th, 2004 09:26 am (UTC)
:-) I emailed last night, and we're all squared away, I think. Thank you, m'dear.
Apr. 15th, 2004 04:26 am (UTC)
Don't forget about my two vampire tote bags. Lemme know when you need photos of them.
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