Chris (chrisjournal) wrote,

Things I need

I'm tired of cleaning, I'm tired of cooking, and I'm tired of Aunt Flo. There are things, however, that would make things much nicer:

--Some nice, juicy Buffy/Wesley fic. I was quite enjoying the Sally Bradstreet W/B/S fic someone rec'd the other day, but *pouts* it's WIP! So extra points for finished fic, and a slice of the chocolate cake for B/W/S that's finished!

--How about...something post-Chosen. I'll take anything NC-17 and not involving Andrew. Starring Giles, Spike, or Wesley. Or perhaps all three?

--House elf, please. I promise to give it clothing as soon as the Passover mess is cleaned up.

--Doggie diapers for the ancient and utterly incontinent basset hound.

--Someone to get Melanie Rawn back to writing!

--A list of tunes from the early/mid 80s. Any list. Really.

--Word from Ginmar that she's safe -- my former boss's stepson is there, and Mr Chris's best man from wedding.

--Someone who knows about karaoke systems, audio recording of conferences in large spaces, and lighting.

--Some of that chocolate cake Right.This.Minute!
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