Chris (chrisjournal) wrote,

LJ BTVS smutfic thread

Alrighty, folks, here's the drill: S7 (I know, I know, I said 6, but heck. 7 is more fun and Annie's doing S6 to pieces) Smut, B/S (let's don't slash, k? Please?), one line up to three paragraphs...

Here's an opener from me. AFter that, these folks are up. Just pipe up in line in the other message "LJ Smutfic?" in my journal if you want to be added to the rotation -- the more the merrier.






She glides through the living room, an intruder with a purpose. The house is quiet, perhaps quieter than it should be at noontime. Coming to a stop in the doorframe of the 'closet', Buffy closes her eyes and strains to sense whether he sleeps or wakes. Better safe than sorry, of course. Spike's schedule is anything but regular.


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