Chris (chrisjournal) wrote,

Nothing to lock tonight

There's no real news from Jen or Jeff today. But *so* many of you guys out there have been busy, busy, busy. Writing these updates is...hard. But no news is still good news, today.

There are a couple of ambiguous leads that are being checked out -- Jeff's making sure that the police follow *any* bit that comes their way, so don't hesitate to pass along anything you know. It will be checked out, no matter how silly. If you're out there, feeling hopeless, don't. Positive energy is what we need -- some believe in prayer, some believe in meditation, some in spells, some in communication with universal powers. And some just believe in what's real in this world. Whatever it is that you believe in, point that power in Jen's direction if you can find a way.

Of course my offer to mask any private information stands, as well.

In more concrete terms, nmissi had a great suggestion. If you live in the continental US, grab a flier from the website and take a drive to some of the rest stops and gas stations near you. Drop off a picture of Jen, in case she stops for gas or a soda. We've got more manpower here than the Fairfax County Police, I'm quite sure. Let's put it to use.

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