Chris (chrisjournal) wrote,

Am v. tired, and semi-sick. So just a tiny bit of commentary this week.

It was a Joss episode, and I was far, far too tired to do it justice. *whines* And I don't have the torrent for it yet, either! Stupid suprnova and .nu.

So: If this is where Joss was heading with the Wes/Fred, he really should have built up to it a bit more a bit sooner. I'm inclined positively towards the ship to begin with, but it wasn't enough build up for me to be as affected by this as I ought to have been.

And: Wonderful transitional episode on the "the more things change, the more they stay the same" vein. There was so much in that episode that I really can't even begin to pull it apart and make sense of it yet.

Finally: Somebody tell me we aren't on hiatus yet? I need at least one more...

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