Chris (chrisjournal) wrote,

More historical friends data

kimberly_a I'm pretty sure we met over at I remember vividly reading along as you posted Q&A, and before that, I'd swear the fic was named the same as the website you eventually created, Sunlight and Shadows. You were and still are articulate and interesting, though you post quite a bit less nowadays than you used to. S/B is certainly the pairing I associate you most with, but you've done an awful lot of gorgeous graphics, too, so it's a tossup as to which I most associate you with.

kita0610Heh. I knew you before I knew you, I think. It was LJ, or possibly not. I remember when Mint fell in love with your fic, and I remember the nearly pee-in-my-pants giggles prompted by DOOUL. And then there was the psychic episode in the car to Kimi's house. But we didn't really meet until Chicago. It's a little bit scary that we first met in person with me climbing into bed with you in a dark hotel room, isn't it? Angel, S/A to be specific.

kumiko1 We met here on LJ this past fall, I think. I don't associate you with a pairing, or even a show, though I think you're a Buffy girl, yes? Which likely means you're also a Spike fan :-) What I recall most vividly is the INSANE hours you work in an IT group somewhere...

ladyanne04 I think it was one of your thoughtful analysis pieces that drew me on LJ sometime in the last year. And much later on, I discovered that you're a North Carolinian, too. I definitely associate you with S/B fic.

lanieday It was Buffy/Willow fic that drew me to your LJ long, long ago. And I *still* like Yellow Flame, too, but I know you've become disaffected by the show this year. You're a lovely girl, and I hope someday you'll feel comfortable recognizing that!

ljs Oh Lori! What in the world can I say? We met at SS or the Gutter, I'm sure. I'll never get over the hysterical laughter that your imitation of Bridget Jones induced (and still does -- it's the fic I always head for when I need to laugh out loud). And you write the ultimate in Ganya. Really, no one I can think of owns that pairing the way you do. And that summer--was it post S6? When you posted ream upon ream upon ream of some of the most wonderful adventure fic I've ever had the pleasure to read?--that was when I realized what real writers do. Then there was Eyes Only, which made me cross-eyed trying to keep track of. And that was around the same time I came to LJ, but you didn't post for *forever* after that was over. I was beginning to wonder if it was really you under that lj-user tag. So very glad it was. But the fic and the history aren't where you live for me... I will never be able to repay you for is the constant stream of support, the understanding of the underneath of what I was saying in those fics, the encouragement in real life and in writing, and just generally always, always being out there.

lonners Smiles. We met in Tampa, and you are T's sister. I don't associate you with a show or a pairing or anything of that sort. I associate you with one of the sunniest smiles I've ever seen. Here's hoping it's on your face often!

lordshivaGutter. I'm bad with titles, but the teabag fic, if you know what I mean. That, and Mr. Talky Mouth. That's where I first encountered and fell in love with your writing. I adored Daemons Luminati, of course, and will always associate you with S/B, but more than that, you're a tough broad with experience in the world that I sort of file away in the back of my drawer to osmose whenever I want to connect with something larger. You're like Herself and Bitca and all those authors on buggerthis: erudite, endlessly talented, and destined for greatness someday.

lovesbitca I remember seeing your posts on friendsfriends and comments in other friends' journals for a long time, and just admiring from afar. I think it was Lyric who finally made me brave enough to friend you, and I'm ever so glad I did. Your posts give me a window on a world that I find fascinating, and your voice just rings true. And then, there was the Mercy Seat, and there was that little spanking fic, one of my favorite W/G pieces ever. Hard to pin a pairing on you-- it's the delicious pan-character smut I adore, and the successful author I admire.

luna_k Hee. I'd seen you around LJ prior to it, but it was the age kerfluffle that drew us together, I think. You're still a bit of an enigma to me, but I wish I'd know about fandom when I lived in NOVA so we could have met!

lyric65 It was the Wiles vs Gillow conversation that introduced us, I think. And then I read your beautiful fic and fell in love. And then you had to go and say such nice things about other stuff I'd written that wasn't up your alley altogether. So you're the W/S and W/G aussie in my book!

magarettt We've only just met, so it's hard for me to tell much yet -- I'm not sure what drew you to friend me, but I enjoy reading your postings. Your voice is strong, and I'm glad you're here.

manticoran ::hugs:: (it's psychodragon I can't hug, right?). Second LJ friend ever, and quiet as a mouse most of the time. I'm pretty sure you're more a reader than a writer, and a Spike fanatic.

margotlefaye *pouts* You're MIA. I was first acquainted with your work when someone mentioned your name on BBF back in mid S6 of Buffy, I think. Classic fiction, and classic erotica. You're the inspiration for a thousand imitations, my dear. B/A, B/A/S.

merkuria_lyn The German doctoral candidate, and Spike lover. You friended me early on, and post sporadically, but when you post, you give me yet another view on life. Very glad you're out there.

mezzibelle Awwww. Gutter. No two ways about it. You wrote Dead Things fic. I love you. Thai food forever...

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