Chris (chrisjournal) wrote,

Batch 2

Batch 2, with two that I missed during batch 1. I'm having fun putting all of this down, but am also getting v. sleepy. Maybe one more small batch to get to the middle of the list before bed.

And, errata note on the last post: I mixed up two rhiannons, and have now put darkrhiannon and rhiannonhero both in Batch 1!

ayinhara Salvation or Gutter, can't remember which. You are a master feedbacker, and catcher of many Sandlot errors, thank *goodness*!

circe_tigana Oh wow, I think I friended you after an IM chat that Alanna invited me to one night. You're the ultimate in the "cool kids" to me, and I remain in complete *awe* of your writerly abilities. What I wouldn't give to be that full of bunnies, nevermind the getting of them onto paper... Johnny+Circe4Eva!!1!

evemacWorld champion feedbacker, Spikeaholic, and author of some fabulous, if unfinished S/B. You're my youth pop culture reference point, too.

evenstar_estelGutter. Epics. Spuffy. Delicious villains. Hidden sense of humor. But most of all, incredible artist.

flowery_twatI *so* stole doing it this way from you. You turned up on my friends list in the last few months, I think, and I remember flipping over to your info page and thinking, "what a fabulously interesting person. What's she doing *here*?' I figure it was actually Lori who drew us together, in the end. And I think there was poetry there on your top journal page that day. I'm a *sucker* for smart women who write poetry! Have no idea of your character or shipping preferences, though I'd bet on Giles if I were a betting kind of girl.

foo_faedraSpikeish, NYC or LA girl, I suspect. You were one of the earliest folks to friend me too, either from when I dragged Mint Witch to LJ or perhaps even as early as Wisteria. I have no idea what drew you here, but I always feel a little less geekish when I see your name on my flist. I don't really have any specific character associations for you, but I'm thinking you *must* be a Spike fan.

ginmarThe fic, baby, the fic. I dunno when you turned up and who friended whom, but I do remember that you said nice things about my first fic, and I was all fangirly! S/B, and I haven't forgotten about that Giles pov, either.

glassslipperWe're newly acquainted mutually via Writercon and I suspect that we have many things in common. S/B.

gwyn_r You're a goddess among fic writers. And you know more about grammar than 99 percent of the English speaking population. That makes you a hero. I worship from afar, mostly, and hope you don't fade quietly away as you've often implied you'd like to. S/B, but I tend to think of you as a Writer and an Editor, not just in terms of your BtVS associations.

gwynnegaI memed you in your journal before I realized that this meme was going to leave me in the position fic reading does, wherein I simply can't keep up with everyone in separate places. As I said, I can't remember when/where we friended, or how we friended, but I'm awfully glad we did. The ultimate association is Wiles, but you're a Poet and a Writer. I'm in terns awed and envious of your abilities and determination.

harmonyfb How *did* we end up friended? I think maybe it was my feedbacking on Glimpses and Alanna... S/B, but not the mushy kind. You write fic the same way you speak online and in person: forthrightly. Yes, my greatest association for you is Anya. *grins*

headrush100We friended at Gilesficathon, and I'm much looking forward to getting to know you and reading your postings here. I've only read a few of your fics thus far, and anxiously await the smut! You write the kinds of ensemble fics that remind me of the shows themselves, and I'd have a hard time pinning a pairing on you, though I can see that Giles/anyone is favored ship-wise.

herself_nyc You've been on my flist for what seems like forever. Your fic, of course S/B, is what drew me and how I'll always slot you as a fic writer. I'll never forget how much it made me squee when you commented on a tiny ficlet I'd posted. It's a bit like a teacher complimenting your artistic efforts, even when they don't merit it, I think. But you're bigger than your fic, to be sure. NYC single woman living a contented life. I'm jealous, sometimes.

hobiscuitRed! Gutter! Shore Leave! Spike! Wesley! I remember when you used to write, and wait hopefully for the day that you write again. It'll just take the right show or the right pair, I suspect.

jaybitveesHmm. I know you turned up this past few months, and I'm thinking maybe you and I know each other through Laura? Maybe? Spike associations, if you're the person I'm thinking you are, and very quiet here.
jidabugJenn! I'm thinking we met when I was testing the Sandlot, and perhaps before that on the Gutter or SS? I was always mostly a lurker at the other Spike lists, so I think it had to be the fic that drew us together. S/B is the pairing--I can't recall a non S/B one offhand, though I'm betting there is one. I always relate to your bigbadswfirm stories, having worked in the internet industry for years before I jumped ship to call centers.

jodyorjenThe first Gutter ficstress I ever read. Will never forget Slave series, ever. S/B for your writing, but Willow for your heart.

juliet_demarcusYou made my W/G icon! You've only recently started writing that I'm aware of, and it's still in my 'to read' pile, but I know you will always be a Wiles vs Gillow kind of woman in my mind.

justhumanGiles. Wesley. It's hard to choose. Mostly Wesley, I think. Can't remember how we ended up friended, though it might have been Anne McCaffrey? You're one of those writers on this list that I'm still v. much in awe of, and you fed me WorldCon reports. For that, my undying gratitude. There's an outside chance I'll see you there, this year!

kellyhkAh, doc. What would I do without you there to be the rock and crack the perfect joke at the perfect time, and to write lovely, detailed, perfectly balanced Spikefic? Exiles, someday.

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