Chris (chrisjournal) wrote,

Smile Time

See, Kita? I'm learning how to call them by their titles! I didn't call this

Or "the one wherein I realize that the Mayor was a Fury-Stu". Somebody point me to where I can see the trailer for next week, cause stupid local station didn't run it.

First, let's get this out of the way (y'all had to know this was coming): Squeee! Fred/Wesley! Yes, my heart going to break into a thousand tiny pieces when he loses her, too. I guess I've got a thing for slightly stuffy but also dangerous men with slightly dippy but brainy women.

I lurve Joss and I lurve this arc.

*sticks tongue out at wiser heads who have explained to me that this is all way too cliched and not of the worky*.

Requite that love, and then *whammo*. Dear god, poor Wesley.

I can't help thinking that pissing Knox off is a bad idea, though. The vibe is creeping me out entirely. Almost stalkerish. Like he's going to go after Fred in that whole 'if I can't have her, no one can' kind of way. *shivers*

Then there's Angel. Everything I like about Angel in this episode. Yeah, he was a caricature of himself, but he was a caricature of *himself*, not some kind of stiff pretender to something he's not. Oh -- and I like werewolf girl. She'd be good for Angel ;-)

And "wee little puppet"? Rolling around in the floor wrestling with each other? Okay, I *thoroughly* enjoyed that. Much more than the snarking that has become kinda old hat. I miss seeing a fuller-featured Spike on my screen, but it's really been almost two full seasons of missing him, so I'm maybe a little immune to the problems.

Gunn? Well, I guess that's how he becomes the cat, eh? When do we get to see Eve again? And how will she figure into the picture -- good, evil, or neutral? I reckon they're setting Gunn up to be the little bad here, but I haven't really got a handle on who the big bad is yet. Mebbe we're not done with Lindsy? What's that anvil over there say? Angel? Yeah, maybe. He won't go through with it, whatever it is. I hope.

Cool powershot. It reminded me so completely of the shot from Primeval with Buffy at the forefront and her scoobs behind her. Interesting layout on that trio, too. No Gunn, right? I haven't managed to get the download finished, so can't rewatch yet (the VCR is still broken)... somebody remind me?

*This* is how a standalone-but-not-really episode ought to be done. Wish whoever wrote this one would give lessons to a few of the others! The underlying thematics (as opposed to the episodic ones) are the same as they've been all season, but I didn't feel beat about the head and shoulders with them. And they made me *laugh*. Really, really laugh.

Only one complaint: I miss the scruff. If my gut is leading me right, it'll be back soon, but I do miss it. And awwwww. It's really like the Willow and Xander that never happened, don't you think? I hope they enjoy whatever happiness that bastard Joss will let them have before it all falls apart.

Great episode. Thanks ME.

*scurries off to write more postcards to UPN and SciFi*
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