Chris (chrisjournal) wrote,

Dear Friends:

It's been suggested by a kind voice that it wouldn't be rude of me to mention Writercon again here, instead of relying on the writercon community to do the work for me. So I'm gonna do it for the record.

Y'all come to Writercon. Really. All of y'all, and all of y'all, too.

Imperial Palace Hotel
Las Vegas, NV
July 30 - Aug. 1, 2004

It's a con(vention? ference? flagration?) designed by and for writers, editors, poets, betas, and fanfic lovers. We'll spend the weekend (mostly) noodling the concept of "Fan Fiction as Literature in the Whedonverse". That'd be BtVS, Ats, and Firefly, if you please. Come spend a weekend focused entirely on the fic and writing thereof.

We've got panels, we've got drabble challenges, we've got pool time, we've got free booze and food, we've got guests, and we've got writers from just about every corner of fandom coming to jaw away the weekend. We might even have some drunken karaoke and a little bit of fun. I hear tell of BDSM room parties and Willowfests in the making already. God knows what the watcher crowd will do.

(okay, I'm excited, GOD, am I excited)

Check out the website for specifics, take a look at the LJ for updates, or come over to the Yahoo list for more...uh...detailed discussions. And shoot me any question you like in email.

The Management
who is lousy at sales and marketing, dammit!

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