Chris (chrisjournal) wrote,

Hrm. Guess I've been quiet.

But it's for good reasons.

The new job? I think I love.


It came with 14 direct reports, and another 16 on order for two weeks hence. And 8 programs to learn and 6 tools to figure out. And a spike in call volume due in 5 weeks. And a fascinating political situation. The programs and call spike, I anticipated. Ditto with the politics. But the huge staff? Not something anyone thought to mention.


So, I'm a little under water in a good way at the moment. Forgive my scarcity a bit. I'm reading and mostly keeping up with everyone's LJ, but not so much with the replies and email.

I think it's a good thing no Angel til January! By then, maybe life will be a bit more undercontrol.

Would love to hear some recommendations for good books to give to folks with great potential but lousy grammar and writing skills... Adults, but with a high-school vibe in all of their emails and other written comms. Some of these folks have potential to rise above their current hourly jobs with a little polish.
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