Chris (chrisjournal) wrote,

You thought I was going to resist, didn't you?

With a few exceptions, the ten unpopular opinions meme strikes me as an invitation to more line drawing and kerfuffling, so I wasn't going to do this. Really I wasn't. But I can't seem to get the thousands of words (do these count for nanowrimo?) I want to say about Destiny out unless I do. So let me preface this by saying that I have declared war on kers, and refuse to fuff. And let me warn you that I'm terminally slow at responding to meaty comments, but will get the job done eventually if you choose to comment.

1. I think Destiny was an episode on par with the very, very best of AtS and BtVS.
2. I adore Buffy. I adore Spike. I adore Buffy with Spike, any mix and match seasons as you please, there's always a great tale there. But I recognize that Buffy is gone from my tv never to return in new stories, so I want them to tie up loose ends with Spike and let him move on. But they'd damned well better convince me. So far, they're doing a decent job. We'll see if they can get to the finish line with me believing them.
3. I loved S6 with fiery passion. It is my favorite, though I'd toss Grave into the rubbish bin before I'd give up Beer Bad in my collection.
4. I was mortally disappointed with where S7 went after CWDP, but think the first seven eps were the best run BtVS ever had, with the second half of S2 close behind.
5. I desperately miss the story they did not tell of how Willow recovered from the depths of depravity and evil. I am convinced that Giles had a lot to do with it.
6. The only time I ever cried while watching BtVS was when Oz left. But I came close during Becoming. B/A weren't forever, but they were moving.
7. The only character I've ever wished horrible death on is Andrew, may his Jonathan-killing-weakling self rot in hell forever. Except for the Anointed One. His death was the beginning of my love for Spike.
8. Stephen DeKnight has never written an episode that I am less than over-the-moon in love with. I also love David Fury, but he's got a few clunkers.
9. I hated the Gift when it aired. Still do. The whole "oh wow, she's made from me so I can die in her place" bit was just flat stupid.
10. Dead Things and CWDP tie for my all-time favorite episodes.
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