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I'm really very sorry.

Just one more, because my usual watching buddy was *MISSING* while I was watching...

DO NOT CLICK IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN AtS 5.8 Stroll on by if you're not my watching buddy, too ;-)

cxyzjacobs: Connection is awful tonight, but I believe this one will be well worth commentary.
cxyzjacobs: Ooooh. Post mommy killing?
cxyzjacobs: LOL. William.
cxyzjacobs: Willie.
cxyzjacobs: He was another dollie.
cxyzjacobs: Dru's makeup is wrong.
cxyzjacobs: OMG.
cxyzjacobs: It's not subtext anymore!!
cxyzjacobs: LOL!
cxyzjacobs: He's corporeal. In a box!
cxyzjacobs: Is he a..what IS he?
cxyzjacobs: I am soooooo glad I was unspoiled for this. *leaps about with joy*
cxyzjacobs: I thought this was going to be ...I dunno. But not this!
cxyzjacobs: And baby, they
cxyzjacobs: had better sell me on his not chasing after Buffy post haste.
cxyzjacobs: They won't, but dammit, I want them to.
cxyzjacobs: Hey! He's a vamp!
cxyzjacobs: Wheeeeeeeeee!
cxyzjacobs: LOL. You know what? I liked the jumping Harmony thing.
cxyzjacobs: *grins*
cxyzjacobs: School Hard Spike.
cxyzjacobs: He'll pay for this in spades, though.
cxyzjacobs: LOL! The Xerox guy as Joan Collins.
cxyzjacobs: Ghosties all over the place, huh?
cxyzjacobs: Heh. Two souled vamps upsets the balance now and not before? I guess Spike wasn't a champion yet...
cxyzjacobs: Ha!
cxyzjacobs: I'm such a sucker. I smell a rat.
cxyzjacobs: Maybe a setup to get them to kill *each other*.
cxyzjacobs: Oh dear god, what was that?
cxyzjacobs: What's the name of this idiotic episode??
cxyzjacobs: Hee. GREAT excuse.
cxyzjacobs: I lurve it
cxyzjacobs: This is a setupsetupsetup. Wesley ought to be here, and he's not because it's.a.setup!
cxyzjacobs: Imagine that. A desert set.
cxyzjacobs: *grins*
cxyzjacobs: I'm way past ready for another flashback, please.
cxyzjacobs: LOL. Where's spike. DUH!
cxyzjacobs: I love love loved the cell phone bits.
cxyzjacobs: The bloody eyed ones are after *her*, aren't they?
cxyzjacobs: WTF did they waste so much time for this year? Sigh. Imagine if they'd only had the half season?
cxyzjacobs: Nitpick time.
cxyzjacobs: Angel totally refused the ring. Why in the world wouldn't he refuse the cup, too. Silly.
cxyzjacobs: See, now I'm loving having old Spike back, just on sheer joy. But from a continuity point of view, not worky worky really.
cxyzjacobs: They're so totally setting this up to be like Bad Girls all over again. Spike's got Faith's storyline (remember from last year in the Orpheus ep? Faith=Spike...)
cxyzjacobs: The problem is, Angel makes a crappy Buffy.
cxyzjacobs: The dynamic is all wrong.
cxyzjacobs: So the balance is off -- the flashbacks work totally. But the present day action sequence (as opposed to the internal action with the two of them) doesn't fit right.
cxyzjacobs: But suppose we take that at face value. Angel=Buffy and Spike=Faith.
cxyzjacobs: That tells the whole damned rest of the storyline, and I can totally, completely get on board with that.
cxyzjacobs: Joss really has run out of storylines, it seems.
cxyzjacobs: But it's okay Because it's a story I *love*!
cxyzjacobs: God, it is so very, very nice to have a storyline that makes me want to think again.
cxyzjacobs: Even Hellbound didn't make me think.
cxyzjacobs: But Lineage did, and now this one.
cxyzjacobs: Yay!
cxyzjacobs: Yep. They're after Eve.
cxyzjacobs: The ghosties who haunt WandH
cxyzjacobs: She's up to something, and it aint' the senior partners' bidding.
cxyzjacobs: I am so enjoying watching Spike kick the piss out of Angel.
cxyzjacobs: Oh dear god. "You never knew the real me"
cxyzjacobs: :asses out from delight::
cxyzjacobs: :: passes out :: too
cxyzjacobs: See? Setup.
cxyzjacobs: They better get their asses back fast.
cxyzjacobs: I am so not buying that the seniors did it. Not even a little.
cxyzjacobs: I do adore Gunn.
cxyzjacobs: And ooooh yes. I love Angel ever so much more when he's all self doubting and full of angst.
cxyzjacobs: IT's HIM!
cxyzjacobs: ::gibbers::
cxyzjacobs: First Name Middle Initial Last Name. Get your butt online.
cxyzjacobs: Cries.
cxyzjacobs: Where *are* you???

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