Chris (chrisjournal) wrote,

Did you know?

That working yourself *out* of a job is ten times the effort of just doing it? Two days to go.


I will miss these people, though. It's rather humbling to have so many people be so kind when I'm leaving them.

And two two *two* bits of good TV news. Loved the promo for next week. Betcha *that's* a love it or hate it ep for folks. This week's?

Loved it! This is the kind of episode, though, that they've needed from the beginning. Good nail of Wesley, though I wish they'd not let the COW off the hook. I could really love the COW finally being made a bad guy. Still a W/F ship lover, and WTF with the Lilah remembrance? Seems bizarre. That musta been some super-duper special mindwipe. Perhaps this is a sign it's weakening, as Spike's grasp on the world strengthens? Shrugs. Who knows. I will forgive much for the flashback that's headed our way. *snoopy dances*

And oooooh. Drools. Wes with the guns is a much better tic than Shirtless Spike (my god, did I say that?)...

And then the Farscape news. YIPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! That is all. Off to watch Jake 2.0 :-)
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