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I'm baackk...

Not a single word of writing this weekend, but lots of fun and wonderous reading...

The wedding was a blast -- haven't had so much fun at a wedding in ages and ages. Was very odd to be at this particular wedding, part of the "old marrieds" crowd. Almost ten years ago, we tied the knot, and it's taken that long for me to feel as if we're part of the grown ups at these family functions.

Bride and groom were truly happy, floating on air kind of happy. It was wonderful to see. In-laws blessedly left us be for the most part, and it was a fabulous thing to spend hours on the dance floor with DH. I hadn't realized how much I miss dancing with him...

The hotel was on the front lines of the war protest -- but it was odd. Felt very corporate and somehow emotionless. Not what I'd expected. Of course, the last time I was at a protest, it was Tulane's home-grown David Duke protests...not the same thing as a manufactured inside the beltway protest.

The hotel was in a key location for another reason, though. Right next door was a huge Borders. One of the few things I really miss about living in an urban area are the bookstsores, big and small. Bought quite a few things, including a DreamWatch with JM interview, some Sean Russell F&SF novels, Kate Chopin's The Awakening and White Oleander. Read WO and Chopin in the car... wow. 'Nother post on that altogether, though. I'm just over awed...

I'm in a smut mood -- very excited to see that Harmony's managed to get a little further on with the alt-Glimpses deflowering!!

Hrmmm. Need to go find something new to do...

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