Chris (chrisjournal) wrote,

Ep 4 reaction

Because I didn't twiddle my thumbs for a *whole hour*

Why must Spike always end up in a basement? It seems rather silly...we've *got* the point already!

Awwww. I guess I'm the only fool in town who likes the whole Wes/Fred concept -- his dark and her dark? Not a bad second choice if Lilah's got to be gone for good...

Mmmm. I really like the way SDK does eps. The lighting and the creepy feel.

Oh dear. "Some people just can't be saved." That has an ominous ring coming out of Angel's mouth, and I *don't* mean for Spike...

Bwah! Poetry!!!

Somebody tell me what classic horror movie this reminds me of??? I know it echoes Hush for me with the visuals, but...what is it? Maybe Wax Museum? Hellraiser?

And doesn't Fred know better than to take a shower in the middle of a horror movie? Jeez Louise.

Heh. Gunn and the cat, I'm really loving Gunn this year. Much better as brains than brawn, I think.

Hee. The Matrix is *not* the movie I meant. But...well, if you believe it... Heh. Not Oz, either. Tellmetellmetellme, someone. What *movie* was this?
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