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Oct. 8th, 2003

Well I'm just a pit of negativity tonight...

So I'll hold any detailed commentary on AtS thus far to myself. For now. If the brewing storm doesn't quiet in a few weeks, I'll let loose, though.

I'm hoping it's just pent up need for new episodes and deflating expectations and maybe just a bit of PMS. And not directionless storytelling or overacting or utter lack of any emotional core.

Right? Right.

And it's just flat weird when gratuitous ab shots, the coat, and more scruffy Wesley don't put me in a great mood! I need real story and I need it now, thanks.


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Oct. 8th, 2003 10:12 pm (UTC)
We were bored, and ended up talking through this afternoon's tiff through it. V. sad.
Oct. 8th, 2003 10:14 pm (UTC)
I guess it's truly in the eye of the beholder. I liked it very much.
Oct. 8th, 2003 10:36 pm (UTC)
Yes... I'm sorry that so many people seemed not to have liked it. Looking at the first few episodes from both Buffy and Angel the previous year or two particularly, I'd say it's doing very well. I enjoyed it a lot myself, glad someone else did too.

Hopefully during the next few episodes they'll start pleasing more people. I think what's being done now is just playing with how characters interact & more with the funny -- but I think it will quickly get into delving deeper into the plot. I admit I thought the scene right after Spike appeared seemed a bit overacted. And I hate Eve...I want Lilah back. But I'm still pleased overall.

I'm unspoiled and I learned last year on Buffy that expectations kill...so I think that is why I'm one of the more optimistic so far.
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