Chris (chrisjournal) wrote,


And yay for offices with power generators!

We did just fine during Isabel -- the town lost a few roofs and has a decent-sized cleanup job to do, but hey! Free firewood this winter. Lost one tree to the storm, along with only a tiny tiny bit of water in the house. The sandbags worked like a charm. The power went out around noon on Thursday and came back on sometime last night, but both of our offices had power by Friday morning, so all was good.

And *thank god* the generators at the water treatment plant held up, so we're a lot better off than my in-laws and many friends in the DC area. I'm catching up on how all of you folks out there along the eastern coast have fared, and it looks like pretty much everyone survived fairly well. *relief* Only 20 miles from here in Virginia and 15 miles in NC, folks are really suffering. We'll be piling in the station wagon and heading over to help tomorrow, when Mr. is off.

I'm such a weather wuss.

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