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Book Reviewers wanted...

I've been volunteering in an effort to overhaul a fandom site (really, multifandom) that's grown in a sprawling, non-visual way since the late 1990s. There are lots of reasons why I'm really excited about having found this small enclave of published writers, fans, and philosophers, and that will be the subject of another post altogether someday.

Today, my purpose is more pragmatic. Once upon a time, this site was a premier home of book reviews and reviewers, and they want to become so again. There are some good bones in place, though the site is not yet unified and truly navigable. While the work to spiff up the place and make it all visually appealing and easy to find what you want goes on, they are recruiting for reviewers.

Review Columnists (job description from their website):

Here's your chance to have your own review column! We currently have whole areas of Romance, Horror, and Fantasy reviews, two Vampire review columns, a Mystery column, a Horror column, and a Rereadable Books column. In the works are columns on Science Fiction and Nonfiction Books for Writers. We would like review columns or areas on any other genre that you have expertise in. You may organize your site on either pattern--please look at the review sites we already have up. You may recruit reviewers and run a site similar to our Romance review site, or you may do all the reviews yourself, and write a monthly column such as the Vampire or Rereadable Books columns. Send us your credentials and tell us what you would like to do. This is a position with the potential for you to participate in our revenue sharing program, if you can get private advertisers for us.

And back to Chris: It works pretty much like this: You say what kind of books you're interested in. They provide the books. You write the reviews and/or commentary. If you solicit banner ads for your page from authors or publishing houses or wherever, they will give you a percentage of the revenue from the ads. If you're uninterested in owning an entire genre, but would like to review individual books of one or more types, they're very open to that prospect as well. The biggest trouble they're having right now is finding quality reviewers who will deliver when they promise (deadlines aren't tight -- mostly self-paced. It's just that they need mature folks who will meet their commitments and be honest when life intervenes.

Here's a list of the top level genres they offer currently (see something you like that's missing? Mention it anyway): Fantasy, Speculative Fiction, Horror, Historical, Romance, Non-Fiction, Mainstream & Young Adult/Children's, Writing Textbooks, and Mystery.

Email me at the address in my profile if you're interested in either reviewing books or writing a regular book-oriented review column. The only money involved here is what can be gained by running ads on the pages, but it does constitute publication, and the folks who run this site are published authors who will *gladly* mentor and assist writers who want to pursue professional publication.

The site is at Don't let the visual effect and poor site joins turn you off too badly. There's a major overhaul in the works (and any ideas you have to contribute or assistance in writing Python scripts to database up the whole shebang you have to offer are also very, very welcome). The 'help wanted' links and staff volunteer stuff on the site are fairly unreliable, but do drop me a line if you'd like to write or to help.

Also, feel free to repost this message if you see fit. The task that's come to me is to recruit reviewers, and recruit I shall.

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