Chris (chrisjournal) wrote,

Well, since Kita pointed y'all here

Let me say this once and for all:

Writercon is for *writers*. Of all stripes. Het? Gen? Slash? Shipper? Buffy? Angel? Spike? Willow? Xander? Firefly?... yes please. With a heaping helping of *writing*.

I'm mostly preaching to the choir here when I say this to my friends list, which is terribly eclectic, but it's about the writing and the shared love, not the shipper politics or the plots of the shows, except as related to the fic. It's about how fan fiction *is* literature, and it's about showing that we're as worthy as any other genre of writing.

There. Now go to writercon and look around. Or go to the website forthwith and fill out the interest form.

And, just by the way: I expect our first official guest will be an AtS media tie-in novelist.

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