Chris (chrisjournal) wrote,

No time for captions this morning

But I did want to mention:


I set up a place to talk about the fic writers' con that's been forming in a bunch of imaginations around the globe. Go check it out. There aren't any dates, there isn't even a final location, although Vegas has been *strongly* supported. How many of y'all are interested? Pop over and say so. I'm vaguely thinking late July or mid September of 2004 in Vegas... A smaller group could probably get together sooner than that *g*.

ETA: I think if you go here:

It will have a link at the top to join the community. But the journal is set up as 'open', so you should be able to do the read-only thing even without joining...

I'll judge the size of the interested crowd by the number of watchers/members, so if you think you might be interested, either add the journal to your friends list, or join it with the link thingy I mention above. You could send an email if you're especially shy.

And oh! One more thing: No, you don't have to be an active fic writer to be interested. But you probably ought to be interested in writing and writers *g*

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