Chris (chrisjournal) wrote,

Tampa, take two

Mostly, I'm entirely without the right words to describe last weekend. I hate writing travelogues, and rarely get past the first 6 hours...

But I'll try to do it by the pictures. They uploaded a bit out of order, but I'll describe in order of appearance anyway.

#541: Mercedes. She was sweet and entertaining. Seemed a little bit bored, truthfully. She was well spoken, and more than a little frustrated at the amount of time that passed between questions from the audience.

Next pic is Feminism Panel: It's a little dark, but man, what a bunch. From L to R, Mint Witch, MustangSally, Kimi, and our hostess, Shaddyr. And of course, one mustn't forget the 'bot. That's the back of Kita's head in the bottom right, front row seat. It was a fab panel, and I suspect discussion could have gone on for another hour, or even a whole night. You'd think these ladies had met before, but I happen to know it was the first time all had met. I'm in awe of these women, most especially the fact that not one of them lost control and popped the teeny-bopper in the front row who thought she knew all about being a woman!

#542: Mercedes again. She was itching to get out of that seat. When they came on and told her James was a bit late, you could see her shoulders slump. But the show had to go on, and she did admirably. There were more men in the audience of this than I've seen before in a Buffy con crowd -- you'd think some of them could have asked her some questions! And that's the back of Estepheia's head there with the clip.

Next pic "Fic Panel": Yup, you guessed it. The Fic panel. Whoa, it was a standing room only crowd in the room, and these ladies let it all hang loose. L to R: Mint Witch ("Bit Parts"), KellyHK (Beta Extraordinairre and author of many beauteous fics), Colleen (Salvation's Queen mama of ficlets and loved series such as Q&A), Harmonyfb (that bitch! Owes us Backward Glances, darnit!), Kita (do I really need words?), and Kimi (heh. you know. Bachelor Party Kimi!) This panel was the point in the con when I decided we just have to have a writer's con. Soon.

543: Finally, it's Marsters. I tried to get some of the expressions that boy has on film, but damn, he's hard to photograph. Too much moving entirely. Wait. Is that a bad thing?? Actually, I noticed that he seems a bit less ADHD in his talks nowadays. And OBTW: It's a good thing he wore that red T-shirt, cause I think M'Sally and Kelly were ready to stage a coup. The security guard who was getting such a kick out of the female swarms around JM might just have died and gone to heaven...

545: Sorry about the heads in the pics. But don't you just love the position of the hand in this one? *grins* This is why Annie wants to lick things, I think. Too many minutes staring at a boy this pretty will addle anybody's brain. I know it did mine.

544: Nods. Entirely too pretty. But prettiness aside, his talk was pretty much all business. We didn't get so much of the cat walk posing or the seductive "Hello"s this go. Thank goodness. I really do think I could listen to him talk for hours. But I'd prefer it if he'd do some talking on his own rather than always answering questions. They've gotten rather repetitive. When the idiot stood up and asked the SR question again, I groaned *loudly*. The chickie next to me whimpered, "poor thing." I must be made of ice, I guess, but I don't honestly feel sorry for the man. It's his job, darnit. But then he goes and says it nearly destroyed his relationship with SMG. That was a first. Are there rumors I missed? Huh. Still. You're an actor? You play a "bad man"? Count on doing some abhorrent things. I guess that'll get me tarred and feathered properly. Oooh baby.

546: I think this is when he was talking MacBeth. The boy sure is excited by his Shakespeare. I wanted to ask him to talk about Richard III, but didn't manage to get my hand in the air. I need to get the red eye out of this one, cause those baby blues sure are blue.

547: Awww. Be still, his beating heart (that's for you, Lori) I haven't a clue what he was responding to there, but he does really seem sincere when he responds to fans. He is a good actor, after all ;-)

548: Out by the pool. Hubby woulda killed me if I didn't take some pics of the costumes. This pool was the site of many, many hours of fab conversation with friends old and new. The late nights by the pool come later, but the daytime conversation that will stick with me the most is one I had with Harmony on Sunday afternoon. The weather was perfect, the bot needed babysitting, and there I sat, doing a lot of nothing but visiting. Someway or another, Harm and I ended up out there alone, even the 'bot gone home, and we talked about all sorts of neat things. *hugs you* I wanna do that again *now*.

549: It was bright. I couldn't tell if the first took. Sigh.

549 & 550: Last costume pic, I promise. Anybody know who these chicks are? Cool costumes. They've got nothing on the dude who was 6'3" and did a perfect Ozzy shuffle, though.

551: Mint and Kimi. Pretty funny, them by the no smoking sign!!!! I think this is banquet night. I didn't get any pics at the cocktail party -- forgot camera entirely. But I'll work it in here somewhere, I'm sure.

552: Chase, Sally, and Lori. I really, really wish I'd spent more time talking to Chase and Lori, because they're soooooo smart, and I feel as if I hardly met them this go round.

553: Alane, Jayne, ???, and Mel. What a beautiful group of women, no? When I look at these pictures, I'm just floored at the intelligence and beauty and creativity that swarmed everywhere at the hotel... Can't we do it again next week, ma?

I'm all worn out from typing. More captions tomorrow. Gonna go read the Dresden books I bought at the con!

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