Chris (chrisjournal) wrote,

Random notes...

--That book ljs recommended? "Atonement"? Wow. The most erotic scene I've read in a very, very long time, if not ever. Thanks, Lori! I also read and enjoyed "Lovely Bones", a beach novel called "Deadly Grace", "The Fourth Hand", "Absolom, Absolom!", and the new Harry Potter.

--Don't you just love summer thunderstorms? The rattling of the windows in their old wooden frames, highlighting the flashes of lightening that make the sunset glow anew? Then the whooshing sound of rain so fast and hard that it's almost a kind of silence creeping over the house, until the thunder rocks you out of complacency again? The way you can smell the storm before it arrives, and the draw to run into the front yard and play in the rain til the puddles are nice and deep? Then the icy chill that puckers your skin when you return to the house, all wet and shivering and completely, utterly alive?

I really do love summer storms.

-- Do you ever wish you could purr like a cat? I'd like to know, just once, what it really feels like to put every cell of my being into a physical expression of contentment. Maybe you should pretend I didn't ask that question.

-- The beach is my favorite place in the world to be. I can't wait to dig my feet in the sand and stare out over blue, blue waves that surely have a hidden intelligence.

See y'all soon!
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