Chris (chrisjournal) wrote,

The Buffy meme

Work's trying to kill me, and I can't seem to string two coherent thoughts together. I actually forgot that today was my tenth wedding anniversary. My only excuse is that the cruise we are taking to celebrate is still a week away...

1. Name your favorite character ever. Yes. You can only pick one.

Buffy. Hands down. And it's good you said only one, because once I get past Buffy, I get this big list of number 2 ties: Spike/Giles/Willow. And then there's Anya and Oz in third place, followed closely by Xander and Tara. I tend not to list Angel in lists like this because he has his own show, but I think I'd throw him in there with Anya and Oz. The real thing is that I love 'em all. Oh. I forgot Dawn, didn't I. *grins*

2. Give one line you love:

You have *got* to be kidding. In protest:

"Fire bad. Tree pretty."

3. Favorite three episodes.

S1: Prophecy Girl
S2: Becoming 2
S3: The Wish
S4: Hush (I had a hard time choosing just one -- wanted to choose about five)
S5: Crush
S6: Dead Things
S7: Conversations with Dead People

And if you make me leave any of them out, I will go away and pout.

4. Favorite villain

I loved Glory, but if Vamp!Willow counts, she wins hands down.

5. Favorite song used in a scene

This is so hard to choose. It's one of the many wonderful things that made BtVS head and dshoulders above the rest of TV that the music *always* hit the right note and helped to further the story. I think perhaps my overall favorite is the Tara/Giles duet in OMWF.

6. Favorite season

Oh god, I argue with myself constantly on this count. S4 for humor and general all around goodness, but S6 for making me think and pay attention and *care* more than I ever had before (and that's saying something)

7. Scariest episode

Episode: Hush
Scene: Dawn/CWDP

8. Best kiss/sex scene/romantic whatever... it can be tame or not:

Hottest: end of Smashed
Sweetest: Tara's 'can you be kissing me now?'
Best ever: Toss up between Spike's calling Buffy 'insufferable' and then holding her all night and the moment when she calls him a champion then reaches out to touch his face.

9. Favorite relationship (of any kind):

Buffy and Spike; Giles and any of them.

10. Set/location you'll miss the most:

Library/Magic box. I missed the common gathering ground in S7...

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