Chris (chrisjournal) wrote,

Fathers and daughters

Giles watches as she walks away. In turns, he fights the anger and the disillusion and the sense of helplessness he's fought since she chose to die rather than follow his advice. He told himself last year that he was leaving so that she would find her feet and stand on them. He knew that he left more because she wasn't his any longer, because he had to find his own place in the world again.

Giving orders, being a general -- those come with the territory. Chosen. Forced to serve duty and lost to any sense of normality or a real place in this world.

She thinks she's learned her last lesson from him, but he has this one yet to teach. She has to understand, no, to remember, where her power lies.

She knows how to save the world, he even thinks she's learning how to love again. And above all, she knows how to answer the driving need to help. It's what moves her from one moment to next in a world she lives in, but isn't of.

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