Chris (chrisjournal) wrote,

Try your hand at it?

I was skimming around the friends' friends page tonight, and ran into an interesting post by gwyn_r about Giles and Buffy's relationship in S7. No, I don't mean shippy. Anyhow, she asks some questions:

So why, suddenly, is her belief in someone he doesn't like a sign of her inability as a leader? Why go behind her back and try to destroy something she depends upon? This seems uncharacteristic at best, dangerous at worst. Why would Giles, who knows she needs support and backup, suddenly lose his ability to see the things inside her she resists, understand the things about herself she doesn't always want to understand?

I'm not usually very good with analysis writing off the cuff, so I decided to try to write my ideas into a fic. I'm a working on it. I think back to my relationship with a father who abandoned me, who did very non-fatherly things but loved me beyond almost anything else in the world, and I can see a few things that might be going on.

But really, more than writing my own thoughts into a fic, I wanna read yours. It's a real live challenge: Write a fic in which *you* explain where/when/why the Buffy/Giles relationship has gone and where it ends up...a moment in time or a full length story -- I care not. Not especially interested in ship between them myself, but if you're so inclined, so be it. Post a link to it here -- if there are more than one or two responses, I'll hang 'em up on a web page.

Oh, and hi, Gwyn. Nice to meet you :-)
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