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One question

Not spoilery, but I'll cut it cause I'm copying dialogue from the show...

GILES: If The First has been around for all time, then why hasn't it attempted something like this before? Why now?

BELJOXA'S EYE: The opportunity has only recently presented itself.

GILES: Opportunity?

BELJOXA'S EYE: The mystical forces surrounding the chosen line have become irrevocably altered, become unstable, vulnerable.

ANYA: Something The First did?

BELJOXA'S EYE: The First Evil did not cause the disruption, only seized upon it to extinguish the lives of the chosen forever.

GILES: Then what has caused the disruption? What—what is responsible for letting this happen?

BELJOXA'S EYE: The slayer.

Now, see, all along I've been thinking this had to refer to either Buffy's resurrection or to Faith's existence. Figured Faith would have to die to restore the balance. But there's another option, I've realized.

What if Dawn is the source of the imbalance?

I've noticed that they've been redoing lots of important episodes this year--too many to count, really. Sort of twisting old, classic episodes to a new theme. And it has always, always, *always* bugged the shit out of me that the whole Buffy-dives-and-it-works thing actually worked... There just had to be some kind of consequences that she and Dawn are literally clones. More so than she and Faith, that's for certain. I don't think Buffy's the problem at all. Dawn is. Poor Dawn. I wonder if she'll go willingly into the Hellmouth or if someone will have to put her there?

Joss's final gift to us: the twist on Gift.

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