June 16th, 2006


Search Engines...

I have a vague recollection that someone on my flist needed to get a website to answer to a particular search engine search. I have NO idea how to make this happen, but have been asked by the Newcomb legal team to try to get the site so that google finds it first when a user types in "Newcomb College". Help the clueless? Site:

Newcomb College

ETA: Elsa tells me (she is a goddess) that what I need to do is set up the link like above so people will click on it. And also that I need to get all of you guys to make a link like it and pimp it in *your* journal, just like a meme.

So let's call it the Save Newcomb College meme!

Pretty, pretty please, do this:

(substitute < and > for [ and ] )

For example [a href="http://www.newcomblives.com"]Newcomb College[/a]

Make an LJ post, and ask your flist to click on the Newcomb College link, then post it in their own LJs.

Y'all want more background? Read the website! The University is eliminating Newcomb College, the undergraduate college for women at Tulane University, because they don't like it. But the money which was used to establish the college was donated by a very smart lady, who was very specific in her wishes. She also gave more money to Tulane than it's founding father, Paul Tulane. I could go on for days. Help, pretty please?