April 16th, 2006


How do you write an update

When everything in your world has changed, and you're only just beginning to process it?

Perhaps I should keep it simple: I've been gone. I understand now why people have midlife crises (though I'm *really* not yet to midlife). I, quite frankly, don't really even know which end is up anymore, except that I'm the same person I was a year ago, living the same life with the same adored family, loving many of the same things. But everything is filtered through a new lens, and my priorities land differently, my emotions trigger differently, and my head is a real mess. I'm grateful I made it this far whole, and have a hard time believing that it's only been a single year since last Passover. I'm certain I've aged a decade, if not more.

I'm trying to get back in the saddle again, but it's sure to be hit or miss. So, keeping it really sinple, I'll leave it at, "Hi!" and invite you to ask any questions you want in recompense for my bizarre and lengthy complete absence.

I don't know when I'll get back to any sort of real fannish content, so please do consider this a true defriending amnesty period with me -- if you've friended me long ago for Buffy or Angel or VM reasons, and have no interest in random appearances that are lacking in fic and substantive content, please don't feel obligated to keep me. I still have all of my old loves, and some new ones (mmmmm....BSG. Even more mmmm....Dr. Who. And hee!House... It's also amazing how much reality TV from Bravo one can consume while traveling every other week). I still randomly read fic and fail to feedback in a timely fashion. I still want all of you on my reading list, but won't be upset if you'd rather just clean up the flist, I promise.

Hope everyone had a wonderful [holiday of your choice], and here's a belated Passover dessert recipe for those who're used to seeing new ones here every year:

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